President U Win Myint speaks at ceremony to commission Main National Grid in Shan State (East), main electrical substations

President U Win Myint delivers speech at the ceremony to commission Main National Grid in Shan State (East) on 8 August 2020. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint delivers speech at the ceremony to commission Main National Grid in Shan State (East) on 8 August 2020. Photo: MNA

I wish to extend good wishes and metta for the good health and happiness of the Union Ministers, Chief Minister of the Shan State government, Speaker of the Shan State Hluttaw, ministers of the Shan State government, members of the Shan State Hluttaw, departmental officials, ethnic nationals, and senior executives from the company who have come to attend today’s ceremony to commission the Namhsan-Mongpyin-Kengtung electric power grid, the Kengtung main electrical substation, the Mongpyin main electrical substation, and the transmission of electricity from the National Grid into Shan State (East).
Before, electricity was distributed in Shan State (East) using diesel generators, and mini-hydropower generators on a part-time basis. Now we can distribute electricity on a 24-hour basis from the national electric power grid. For us to be able to supply electric power on a 24-hour basis to Shan State (East), the Ministry of Electricity and Energy built the Namhsan-Mongpyin-Kengtung 230 kV electric power grid, and two new main electrical substations in Kengtung and Mongpyin. Work was also done to increase the electric power supply of the Namhsan electrical substation from 132 kV to 230 kV.
Our Union Government has been working strenuously for the all-round development of the whole country; we have given special priority to build transportation networks, provide electric power and provide drinking water. This is to elevate the socio-economic status of the people. In doing this, just as we are building transportation networks all over the country, we are also drawing up plans and implementing them to provide electricity. We have been implementing electric power generation projects, the building of main electric power grids, and main electrical substation projects every year using large quantities of money.
For the all-round development of the country and the socio-economic development of the people, the availability of electric power is a basic necessity; this is why our Union Government has been giving special priority to provide adequate electric power to the whole country. Beginning from the time our Union Government took over responsibility, we have given priority to electric power generation in the allocation of our budget and worked hard to generate more electricity. During the period April 2016 to June 2020, within the four-year period, a total of 2005 Megawatts have been produced and supplied.
Our Union Government has been working for the equal and harmonious development of all regions and states in all sectors for all ethnic national races. We have increased the building of electric power generation plants; to provide electricity to the consumers, beginning from 2016 during the four-year period, we have set up a total of 33949 miles of electric power lines ranging from 230 kV, 132 kV, 66 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV and 400 volts. In addition we also built 21,390 Mva electric substations.
Thus, because our Union Government has worked to distribute more electricity for the whole country, in March 2016, a maximum of 2,800 Megawatts was used but in 2020, a maximum of 3,828 Megawatts were being used. When our Union Government took over responsibility, only 34 per cent of our people could use electricity; now we have been able to supply electricity to 54 per cent of the population. We are now working on a strategy to supply electricity to the whole country by the year 2030. Since we have been able to successfully carry out our goal of supplying adequate electricity to our people and supplying more electricity, this has given a positive impact on the social, education, health, creation of job opportunities and increasing investments for the people.
If we look at Shan State, we can see that in 2016, only 165 Megawatts was available for use. Now in 2020, electricity use has increased to 256 Megawatts. Within the Shan State, in 2016 March, it was possible to supply only 25.4 percent from the national electric power grid; now in 2020, we can supply up to 45.6 per cent. Furthermore, in 2020-2021, we are working to be able to supply electricity up to 50 per cent.
Since our country has been formed with different ethnic national races, it is very important that each of us have union spirit. Our Union Government has been working strenuously to guarantee the fundamental rights and equality for ethnic nationals, which has been their aspiration for so many years. In the same way our ethnic brothers and sisters need to participate and cooperate in unity. Only then will we reach the goal of our Democratic Federal Union.
If all the ethnic nationals within our Union work in unity for the same results with the same aims, all the regions and states which are within the Union will develop harmoniously and all of us will be able to enjoy the fruits in equal measure.
The ceremony today to inaugurate the Namhsan-Mongpyin-Kengtung electric power grid and main electrical substations represent a historic milestone for Shan State (East) for the supply of 24 hours electricity for the first time since independence. All ethnic national brothers and sisters in the Shan State now have the opportunity to uplift their socio-economic status; they are now on the path of opportunity. By using the 230 kV electrical substation of Shan State (East) which we have opened today as centre, we will work to build more electric power supply lines to the Tachileik-Maingkhoke-Maingsat-Maingwa regions in order to connect the whole of Shan State to the electric power grid.
In conclusion, I wish to urge all of you solemnly, to march hand in hand with union spirit all over our Union, towards a peaceful and prosperous Democratic Federal Union.
Thank you all.

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