President U Win Myint urges administrative, legislative, judiciary sectors in Sagaing Region to speed up reforms

President U Win Myint warmly greets officials and representatives at the meeting with officials from administrative, legislative and judicial sectors in Monywa, Sagaing Region yesterday. Photo: Myanmar News Agency
President U Win Myint warmly greets officials and representatives at the meeting with officials from administrative, legislative and judicial sectors in Monywa, Sagaing Region yesterday. Photo: Myanmar News Agency

President U Win Myint met with officials from administrative, judiciary and legislative sectors in Sagaing Region yesterday as part of the Union Government efforts for speeding up the momentum of reforms.
Speaking at the meeting, President said the meeting became following monthly reports submitted by state and region governments to him.
During the trip, President U Win Myint was accompanied by Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Kyaw Swe, Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Ye Aung, Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Ohn Win, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Hla Kyaw, Chief of Myanmar Police Force Police Lt-Gen Aung Win Oo and officials left Nay Pyi Taw by a Tatmadaw special flight and arrived Monywa town, Sagaing Region.
The President and party were welcomed at Monywa airport by Sagaing Region Chief Minister Dr. Myint Naing, Region Hluttaw Speaker U Than, Region Chief Justice U Win Myint, Region Advocate-General U Khin Maung Hla, region ministers, Hluttaw representatives and officials.
“The country is collectively working to transform from an old system of an old era to a new system of a new era. This can be quickly and successfully accomplished only if all citizens and relevant officials in legislative, administrative and judicial sectors work together,” said the President.
“We lost democracy and the path towards democracy in our country more than half a century,” he said adding that “now at the beginning of this road, all need to work together for reform. Reform is inspired by the people.”

All have responsibility to take part in reforms
The President also urged the representatives of the three pillars to take their duty in carrying out reforms which are inspired by the people.
“Reform is not a thing to be worried about. Without going along the reform path, our country will not develop. Reform must be made. Change is eternal truth. Reform is not an enemy. It is a good friend.
This needs to be well understood. Reform is a good opportunity and a good time for our country and people to achieve democracy and human rights, said the President.

Reform need not be forced but must be made. And in conducting reform, lesson of the past are taken to setup policies to establish a future democracy federal union. There are aims in setting policies to establish a democracy federal union and there are our belief and firm stands Policies were set for legislative, administration and judicial matters too.
There should be political, economic and social fairness in administration. Arrangement is also made for equal opportunities, equality in status and equality in law. As it is arranged in such way region government need to implement according to the State policies, work processes and instructions. It is also required to conduct the duties assigned occasionally by the Union Government.

Administrative machinery should not be one to oppress people
The President said the regional government has the responsibility to instruct, manage, to carry out check and balance and scrutinize departments in the region. The administration system should be of such that support rule of law. It must not be administrative machinery that oppresses the people. It should be a management that provides service to the people. It should be an administration that is fair and unbiased. Fairness strengthens democracy. Fairness strengthens the society. Administrative and legislative pillars should be balanced. In conducting regional development works, region government need to discuss and coordinate with Hluttaw representatives. Discussing and coordinating is not in the form of interfering and check and balance should be encouraged, he said.

Judiciary sector must free from corruption
Judicial matters should be conducted in accordance to the law. It should abide by the Union Judiciary Law and must be unbiased. All need to be equal in law. Officials must not interfere in judicial matters. Region High Court judges must inspect high court detention centers, and prisons, to ensure that there are no violation of human rights and judiciary is free of corruption.
Myanmar set its goal of establishing a democracy federal union. States and regions are to have a balanced development. Peaceful, stable and long term existence of a Union is aimed for.
Corruption is becoming a habit in our country. That is why Anti-Corruption Commission was reformed. Plans are underway to form ministry wise Corruption Prevention Units (CPUs).

Achievement in fighting drug trafficking
Success had been achieved in narcotic eradication by working with Ministry of Home Affairs. Officials from each departments of administrative, legislative and judicial need to cooperate in drug matter.
Public servants enjoy the salary and benefits provided by the state. They have their rights and responsibility. They are to properly enjoy the benefits while performing the duties assigned for the public. Public servants must work for the long term benefit of the future generation instead of easing own temporary sufferings and inconveniences.
The President urged all to do the best in performing historical responsibilities resting on their shoulders, saying that future generations will evaluate their conducts
Next, Region Chief Minister Dr. Myint Naing, explained about the status of government’s oversight in regional development works, Region Hluttaw Speaker U Than and Region Chief Judge U Win Myint explained about region government’s oversight in regional development works, Hluttaw’s legislative works and the judiciary works.
After hearing reports, the President said the government is striving toward straightening the judicial sector. Judgments on cases should be correctly made. Crimes and sentences need to be appropriate.
Confiscated farm lands are being reviewed reassessed according to policies set by the State. 70 per cent of the people in our country is working in agriculture sector and if the farmlands are returned to them, there’ll be more job opportunities.
In security and rule of law part, Sagaing Region need to emphasis on border entry/exit points. More care need to be taken in preventing illegal export of timbers, illegal mining of gold and in conducting drug eradication works, said the President.

Visit to River Water Pumping Project in Ayadaw Tsp
After the meeting, the President and party went to Ayadaw Township Irrigation and Water Utilisation Management Department Ayadaw (2) river water pumping project where Deputy Director General U Tin Maung Aye Htoo explained about the project. President urged officials to follow the rules and regulations set by the State in calling tenders. Later, the President and party left Monywa by a Tatmadaw special flight and arrive back Nay Pyi Taw later in the afternoon.— Myanmar News Agency

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