Presidential Awards for Excellent performance conferred on 33 groups by President

President U Thein Sein poses for photo together with leaders of the groups conferred on president’s excellence performance awards. Photo: MNA
President U Thein Sein poses for photo together with leaders of the groups conferred on president’s excellence performance awards. Photo: MNA

President U Thein Sein conferred Presidential Awards for Excellent Performance on 33 bodies yesterday for their endeavour for the country.
The presidential award has conferred annually since 2012 on those who strive for development of the country’s economy and socio economy of the people.
So far, 21 Buddhist monks and 460 people have been conferred on the award by the president.
Before the presentation, the president delivered an address.

(Following is an official translation of the address of the president.)

I would like to greet all those who are present here including Union ministers, region/state chief ministers and regular ministers, distinguished guests and award winners.
Since taking office in April 2011, our government has aimed to fulfial the two common desires of the people in ensuring peace, stability and development. The government has presented excellent performance awards to those who strived for the growth of the country and the socioeconomic development of the people since 2012.
For this year, organisations which have made great strides in the successful realisation of the government’s sweeping reform process are set to be awarded.
Since 1 April, 2011, our government has been trying hard to turn the Tatmadaw government into a democratically-elected government, a centrally planned economy into a market economy and armed conflicts into a situation paving the way for ensuring a lasting peace.
Unlike other countries with a transition process to democracy focusing on political reform only, a sweeping reform process involving implementing of political, economic, administrative and private sector development matters took place in our country. Simultaneously, the government launched a peace process with the concept of ensuring development and democracy through peace.
Despite the strong desire of our government to build a new democratic nation, the country moved away from democracy in 1962 when it was brought under centralised control, including political and economic systems.
So, our government has strived to nurse our newborn democracy into a mature one. It is a great success that the country has achieved certain changes that have led to democracy after encountering challenges, difficulties and practical experience requirements.
The government, the people and Tatmadaw worked together to make a difference during the five-year period, bringing about democracy and positive developments to the second largest country , home to more than 50 million people, in the ASEAN region and with more than 60 years of armed conflict.
I would like to express my thanks to all those who believed and cooperated with me in implementing my policies.
I would like to also give special thanks to those from international organisations, local and foreign experts and non-governmental organisations who helped us realise our reform policies through the exchange of views and meetings.
Our government could have put the country on the right track to democracy. Now Myanmar is heading towards a bright future with stability and full potential for achieving democracy among other countries that have experienced the process of democratisation in the 21st century.
That’s why excellent performance awards were presented to organisations for significant progress made during the past five years. The award presentation is a gesture of honouring leaders who led those organisations and their colleagues.
Our government’s term is set to end soon but the country’s reform process goes on. It is required for the progress achieved in the past five years to reach to a durable stage, and steadfast efforts are needed to see the completion of and to work to address the ongoing challenges.
So, I would like to stress the need to make our best efforts to promote the interest of the nation and its people whatever role you play without falling prey to racism, partisan or ideological differences.—Myanmar News Agency

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