President’s New Year message

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President U Htin Kyaw. Photo : MNA

On this auspicious occasion of the New Year, I wish all the people in the Union, all our national ethnic brethren, physical and mental well-being.
During the nine-month tenure of the incumbent government in 2016, constant effort was exerted in implementation of the following policies laid down for the sake of the country: internal peace; national reconciliation; emergence of a union based on democracy and the federal system and promotion of the social life of the people.
As the foundation for making the above-mentioned policies a success has already been laid down, continued efforts can now be made for these policies to materialise properly within the year 2017.
If the history is any indication, it will be found that the country always enjoyed enormous benefits whenever the countrymen were united. An obvious example was
the signing of the Panglong
Pact in 1947. The Panglong Pact was a symbol of the unity of all indigenous races, and attainment of Myanmar independence could be attributed to this unity.
image44 72It is common knowledge that now again, effort is being put forth commencing from the 21st century Panglong conference to be able to establish a democratic, federal union which the indigenous people are desirous of. As the building of a democratic country or a democratic system can meet with success only through the participation of the majority of people, I would like to urge the entire mass of people in the country to join us with full democratic spirit and unity in building up a democratic, federal union.
I wish all national brethren physical and mental well-being in the New Year. May all your wishes be fulfilled.—Myanmar News Agency

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