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1.     At the 29th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, a resolution on Myanmar was tabled by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and adopted by the Council on 3 July 2015.
2.    The resolution infringes on the sovereignty of Myanmar. It also contains allegations on human rights and interfering with issues which fall within domestic jurisdiction of Myanmar. Additionally, it carries languages that mislead the people in their views on freedom of religion being practiced and allowed in the country. It is a subjective act abusing the Human Rights Council on religious grounds.
3.    It is considered as an attempt to harm existing peace and unity among the people of different faiths in Myanmar’s pluralist society. In a broader sense, it is a step which constitutes a beginning that would detrimental to the present harmony among the religions of the world. In the contrary, this harmony should be preserved and promoted by all.
4.    When the Human Rights Council took action on the resolution, Permanent Representative of Myanmar strongly rejected the unacceptable terminology mentioned in it. He further rejected paragraphs in the resolution one by another. Then, he firmly stated the stand that Myanmar dissociates itself from the resolution.
5.    Myanmar will continue efforts on better promotion and protection of human rights, and also for the people of different faiths to keep on living harmoniously and peacefully in the country.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Nay Pyi Taw
Dated: 3 July 2015

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