Press Release

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Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of State Counsellor’s Office
Press Release
9th Waxing of Kason 1379 ME
4th May 2017

Warning the public not to be deceived by false news and rumours deliberately disseminated to cause instability and confusion.
1.    False news regarding the President and the State Counsellor have been spread on purpose by using accounts with false names, such as NLD Special News, NLD Central News, etc., and these news are being picked up and being circulated on some social media websites. Based on such false news, similar news are being spread more widely among the public.
2.    It has been found that these acts are being done intentionally to cause political instability during the tenure of the incumbent government which took office in accord with the election results of the 2015 multi-party democracy election, and to create a situation among the people to live in fear and anxiety due to the spread of rumours.
3.    Arrangements are being made to take action against such attempts to spread rumours based on false news with the intention of causing political instability, in accordance with existing laws. Release of news and information on a real-time basis is being made by the Union Government for the State and the general public .
4.    Accordingly at this time of great importance when the Union Government has been making efforts together with the public for national reconciliation and the peace process and consolidating the democratic transformation, this Press Release has been issued so that the people would be careful and not fall easily for the fabricated news and rumours which are being circulated by destructive elements.

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