Press Release on identification, arrest of NUG, PDF terrorists hiding near Htee Mae Wah Khee, Mae Htaw Tha Lay, Lay Kay Kaw town, committing acts of terrorism

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Tatmadaw has been working for lasting peace since the signing of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on 15 October 2015 by respectfully abiding by the provisions of the NAC agreement.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services has stated that “the Tatmadaw will strictly abide by the terms of the NCA agreement in order to achieve the lasting peace that the State and the people need”, at peace meetings and ceremonies. In addition, peace process is also being implemented as a priority in the Five-Point Road Map and Nine Objectives of the State Administration Council. Despite this, some ethnic armed organizations have taken advantage of the current political situation to violate the NCA agreement in a variety of ways.
On 27 March 2021, some Tatmadaw officers and soldiers were killed and wounded when KNU Brigade 5 led by Baw Kyaw He ambushed the Htee Muu Hta camp which took duty of military operations and territorial control, near Thanlwin River in Kayin State. On April 27 and 28 April and 3 June, the KNU Brigade 5 stormed the Dar Kwin camp, which was occupied by a Tatmadaw force, but withdrew with heavy casualties.
On 17 December, some KNU Brigade 1 troops attacked the Kya Thaung Seik camp, and Tatmadaw troops left the camp temporarily. Although some were wounded, the camp was recaptured by the Tatmadaw.
As some troops from KNU Brigade (1) and (5) bombed and detonated landmines to disrupt the delivery of COVID-19 prevention and treatment medicines to Papun Township in various ways, Tatmadaw is working to provide the necessary security for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines for the local people and civil servants.
Some KNU brigades and battalions are opening explosive training courses and providing arms and ammunition to CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorists who have been perpetrating terrorist acts across the country, with the grants from some big countries who intend to blatantly interfere in Myanmar’s internal affairs, and NGOs, INGOs that are ignoring and supporting terrorism, according to the arrested suspects, and local people who did not want violence that led them flee their homes.
As of yesterday, since 1 February, there were 3,751 acts of terrorism in some big cities. Security forces detained 1,492 terrorists, and confiscated 133 weapons, 1,693 rounds of ammunition, 28 hand grenades, 217 homemade mines and other explosives. In addition, security forces conducted search operations to prevent the violence, and 9,958 terrorists were identified and 3,417 weapons, 161,500 rounds of ammunition, 647 hand grenades, 6,895 homemade mines and other explosive devices were detained in a timely manner.
According to the findings on the interrogation of the terrorists arrested in Yangon and other big cities, confiscated arms and ammunition were transported from Lay Kay Kaw town in Kayin State to big cities such as Yangon, Bago, Mawlamyine, Toungoo, Pyay in various ways.
Tatmadaw has negotiated with KNU/KNLA officials in a formal/friendly manner several times to abide by the NCA agreement and to monitor their subordinates since the Htee Muu Hta camp engagement until the Lay Kay Kaw clash.
According to reports, at the KNU meetings, some leaders of KNU who want to divert from the NCA route and rekindle the conflict in peaceful Kayin State are reportedly convincing to back the NUG and PDF terrorist groups with foreign funding to destabilize the current government.
After Tatmadaw inevitably assumed all State responsibilities on 1 February, those who fled to commit terrorist acts following the violent protests of extremist NLD members and supporters, were accepted on humanitarian grounds, and KNU sought financial support of some large foreign countries with the help of these exile groups and aimed at provoking armed conflicts to the point of total annihilation of the country. The State Government has informed KNU officials, through the National Solidarity and Peace Negotiation Committee (NSPNC), to maintain peace, to focus on regional stability, to stop terrorism and not to accept terrorists. In addition, departments related to Tatmadaw and EAOs has informed them several times.
However, as some KNU brigades and junior leaders have ignored the negotiations and used the Lay Kay Kaw town, a symbol of the peace outcome, to embrace the so-called PDF terrorists and provide terrorism and bombing training and support terrorist activities across the country, the KNU/KNLA officials have been informed in advance that the terrorists will be identified and arrested, and security forces launched the operation on 14 December.
In such doing, 21 terrorists, including two former Hluttaw Representatives from terrorist NUG and those who participated in the CDM campaign were arrested with seven assorted weapons. On 15 December, NUG and PDF terrorists and KNU members, including some KNU/KNLA leaders who want to violate the NCA agreement, opened fire at security forces, killing some security personnel and arresting some. Therefore, in order to defend itself, Tatmadaw used its least and limited force and defeated NUG and PDF terrorists and KNU army leaders and troops. The terrorist groups have rallied in large numbers, blocking Tatmadaw troops day and night, and fighting has intensified. Therefore, in accordance with the Rule of Engagement issued, Tatmadaw replenished necessary forces and with the air and artillery supporting fire enemy camps were defeated in 25 clashes. On 28 December, areas, including Htee Mae Wah Khee, Mae Htaw Tha Lay, Ingyin Myaing, Min Lat Pan, and Hpaloo village have been under control, except for Lay Kay Kaw new town. During the clashes, some bodies of the terrorists, and 19 arms and ammunition and homemade guns were confiscated.
As a result of these clashes, innocent civilians are fleeing to other countries, and the Thai-Myanmar Border Committees are also planning to coordinate for the resettlement of innocent people in their villages as soon as possible.
Tatmadaw has set the road-map and objectives for perpetual peace during the state of emergency, and strictly adhering to the NCA agreement. Therefore, security measures required for the stability and peace of the country and lives and property of the people will continue to be provided. All ethnic people who want peace in Kayin State and across the country are urged to work together for peace and stability in the region.
Information Team
State Administration Council

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