Press Statement for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 2019) From (4-1-2020) to (28-2-2020)

MoHS 11. COVID-19 outbreak conditions around the world
(World Health Organization statement at 1:30 am, 28-2-2020)
Countries with suspected cases – 47
Confirmed cases – 82294
Total death toll – 2804
2. COVID-19 outbreak conditions in Myanmar
(until 6:15 pm, 28-2-2020)

  Number of patients

Laboratory Test

Positive Result Negative Result Under test
People under quarantine 43 42 1
Reported cases 2 2
Total 45 44 1

3. There are a total of 45 people under suspect and quarantine around Myanmar: 14 from Yangon Region, 12 from Shan State, eight from Mandalay Region and 11 from other Regions and States.
4. The Ministry of Health and Sports is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, with keeping surveillance at airports, harbours, international gateways the People’s Hospitals and private medical facilities.
5. Authorities are speeding up novel coronavirus prevention by having Intensive Care Unit-ICU, Isolation Ward and necessary medical products at People’s Hospitals of different States and Regions.
6. Following are medical products donors and organizations to helping for the controlling the COVID-19 disease outbreak.

No Name of Organization Personal Protective Equipment N95 Mask Surgical Mask Hand Gel Non-Contact Thermometer Ventilator Glove
1 World Health Organization 100 500
2 Myanmar Red Cross Society 2,000 5,000 1,857 6,000
3 Sea Lion Company 2,000
4 Okka Thiri Company 1,000 225
5 Zizawa Company 45
6 Gold Lite Co., Ltd 2,000
7 Eclion Global Group and other donors 3,300
8 Family members of Yee Shin Company 5
9 Valves Co.,Ltd 2,000
Total   8,400 2,500 7,000 2,072 45 5 6,000

7. The Ministry of Health and Sports has already disseminated information to public to prevent the COVID-19 with posters, pamphlets, stickers and Vinyl.
For further updated information, anyone can browse the official website of the Ministry ( and social media pages ( and (
8. Although there is no laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 until 25 February, the ministry is conducting round-the-clock surveillance in upward momentum. As the COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, including China, Italy, Iran and Republic of Korea, people are suggested to follow health awareness instructions of the Ministry of Health and Sports on prevention of the disease.
9. Infected person could be likely seen in Myanmar thus people should avoid crowded areas and need to follow up updated health information given by the Ministry of Health and Sports.—MOHS (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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