Prevent infectious diseases in cattle on priority

As Myanmar is an agro-based country engaging in agriculture and livestock farming tasks across the nation, mostly in rural areas, local people need to take care of the health of draft cattle being used in farming tasks till today despite gradual improvement of the mechanized farming process.
Controlling animal diseases, especially the diseases and viruses attacking the draft cattle is of great importance in doing agri-based businesses. Hence, officials and veterinarians should raise animal health awareness among the livestock farm owners as well as local farmers who work together with draft cattle in the farmlands practically.
Departmental personnel and volunteers are giving vaccinations of preventing animal diseases to cattle in all townships. Hence, local farmers and farm owners should allow the vaccination process for their cattle.
A statistic issued in 2019 stated that there were 9.5 million draft cattle, 0.11 million dairy cows and 1.8 million buffalos in the nation. As the government allows the export of cattle alive to the international market, systematic management for such a business will be reliable for the nation in earning foreign exchange to raise the State fund. To do so, the preventive measures for the infection of cattle are crucial in the biosecurity of animals in the livestock sector.
Mostly, some animal diseases such as foot and mouth disease, hemorrhagic septicemia, anthrax and Blackleg diseases are commonly infectious animal diseases in Myanmar. Hence, local authorities need to arrange vaccinations for cattle in cooperation with veterinarians before the season when infection of these diseases generally breaks out.
Even if the diseases break out, livestock farmers and businesspersons must have a wider range of knowledge about the impacts of infections among the cattle. So, they have to take emergency response to the infection of animal diseases in time. They have to receive vaccination shots for cattle depending on the types of vaccines.
Thanks to regular vaccination of cattle, it will help decline the death rate of cattle infection of diseases and operate farming tasks at full capacity without fail. Healthy cattle will be reliable for farming tasks as well as earning an income of foreign exchange from exportation. Moreover, livestock products from healthy beef cattle will help the consumer have higher energy and calorie for possessing a healthy life.
As such, it is necessary to emphasize the operating of the cattle farming business for the purpose of distributing pedigree species of cattle and help running the manual farming based on conventional ways.

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