Price of dry elephant foot yam rises this year

Elephant Foot Yam copy
Workers prepare elephant foot yam to dry at a factory in Kanpetlet township, Chin State. Photo: MNA

The price of dry elephant foot yam has increased this year compared with the same period last year, because of the high demand from foreign countries, according to an elephant foot yam trader.
Elephant foot yam is largely cultivated in Chin State (south). Traders dry the elephant foot yam bought from Chin State and sell it in local markets, as well as foreign markets. In 2017, the price of dry elephant foot yam was Ks7,000 per viss. Now, it has increased to Ks8,500 per viss.
Dry elephant foot yam is exported mainly to China and Japan. The supplies of dry elephant foot yam, which are selling in the local market, will decline in April. Therefore, traders from Yangon, Mandalay and Ye townships are buying elephant foot yam directly from farmers, said U Moe Kyaw Thu, chairman of Chin State (south) Elephant Foot Yam Producer and Seller Association.
There are many difficulties in drying the elephant foot yam. To produce more dry elephant foot yam next year, drying machines have been established with the cooperation of elephant foot yam producer and seller association from various regions.
Elephant foot yam cannot be cultivated in tropical regions. There are three types of elephant foot yam — white, yellow and red. Yellow and red are popular export items to China and Japan.

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