Price of Kyukok garlic variety slides in Yangon market

The wholesale price of the Kyukok garlic variety stood at K3,900 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes) only in Yangon markets on 22 September 2022, according to the onion and potato warehouse located on Yetama Street.
On 10 March 2022, the popular Kyukok garlic hit the record prices of K6,800-7,000 per viss, while the garlic from the Aungban area, Shan State fetched K2,700-3,7000 per viss.
Supply led to the price dip with the Kyukok garlic old stock priced at K2,500 per viss and the new one valued at K2,800 per viss on 4 June 2022. At that time, Shan garlic prices were estimated at K1,900-3,600 per viss.
There was no significant price difference between Kyukok garlic and Shan garlic between June and mid-August. Since 13 August, the price of Kyukok garlic has remained high. The wholesale price peaked at K5,000 per viss on 1 September, whereas the prices of Shan garlic were K2,700-4,200 per viss.
The wholesale price of Kyukok garlic fell to K3,900 per viss on 22 September, while Shan garlic fetched K2,800-3,900 per viss.
The prices of local garlic from Shan State are usually cheaper than the imported Kyukok garlic. The Kyukok garlic prices ranged from K2,700 to K7,000 per viss in mid-September, indicating a gap of K4,300 per viss. There was a K1,200 difference between the highest of K4,200 and the lowest of K3,000 for local garlic then.
Garlic from the Aungban area is K100-200 higher than those from the Taunggyi area in Shan State as consumers prefer garlic from the Aungban area.
The garlic from other regions and states also enters the Mandalay market, yet only Shan garlic is highly demanded in the markets. Garlic is highly used for its health benefits during the pandemic.
The number of single clove garlic supply is quite less yet the price is a bit higher than Shan garlic. Housewives prefer Shan garlic for better taste. Meanwhile, Kyukok garlic is mostly used in restaurants, Ko Aung Aung, a garlic seller from the Nyaungpinlay market told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).— TWA/GNLM

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