Price of tongala 692 chilli species in Ngaphe township expected to reach peak

The price of tongala 692 chilli species is expected to reach a peak in this chilli harvest season.

The local villagers from Hsinchindaing village in Ngaphe township, Magway region are interested in the agricultural sector. They are growing the tongala 692 chilli species with the use of underground water. Now, the chilis are yielding abundantly this year.

“The W7 multi-crop trading company in Tada-U township in Mandalay region is selling the tongala 692 chilli species for K6,000 per pack. The nursery seed plants need fertilizer to grow well. After 25 to 45 days, the nursery plants are transplanted to the boundary farmland and given water once a week. The growers are not allowed to use any pesticides and chemicals but they can use natural medicine, consisting of wild almond, Epsom salt, egg shall, algae, rice water, molasses and raw salt. After two and a half months, the plants could yield. The chilis are planted usually in November and they yield in March. The ripe chilis will be sold to the W7 company for about K1,200 per viss. So, the growers are expecting to get a higher price than a fixed price. More than 10,000 chilli plants are grown on one and a half acres of farmland and the cultivation costs K 750,000,” said U Min Min, a chilli grower from Hsinchindaing village.

The farmers who grow Tongala 692 chilli species are having greater profit by investing less capital. So, the farmers are likely to grow more chillies on a trial basis. Now, about 78 farmers from the village are growing the chilli on 210 acres of their farmland. —Ma Yu (Ngape)/GNLM

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