Prices of black gram, pigeon pea on upward trajectory amid high demand from India, China

Minbu 9
A combine harvester is used in one of the bean and pulse plantations in Minbu Township, Magway Region.

The prices of black grams and pigeon peas continued to rise, according to the Yangon Region Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Bayintnaung Commodity Centre).
The prices stood at K2,160,000 per tonne of pigeon peas and K1,858,500 per tonne of black grams on 1 March. The prices head for a three-week rise in the domestic market. The prevailing prices were K2,257,500 per tonne of pigeon pea and K1,985,000 per tonne of black gram. The figures indicated an increase of K97,500 per tonne of pigeon pea and K126,500 per tonne of black gram within two weeks.
The high price is attributed to the high demand by India and China. Additionally, traders who keep the stocks in their hands hiked up the price of black gram. Similarly, low stocks of pigeon peas raised the prices.
Myanmar bagged over US$1.2 billion from more than 1.6 million tonnes of pulses exports over the past 11 months in the current financial year. Of them, black gram export earned $499.49 million from 608,673.819 kilogrammes, while pigeon pea export pocked $157.909 million from 202,557.35 kilos, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.
Myanmar primarily exports black grams, green grams and pigeon peas. Of them, black grams and pigeon peas are mainly sent to India while green grams are shipped to China and Europe.
India has growing demand and consumption requirements for black grams and pigeon peas. According to a Memorandum of Understanding between Myanmar and India signed on 18 June 2022, India will import 250,000 tonnes of black gram and 100,000 tonnes of pigeon peas (tur) from Myanmar for five consecutive years from 2021-2022 financial year to 2025-2026 FY. This G-to-G pact will not affect the pulses’ annual quota set by India. Myanmar’s exporters are also entitled to deliver the pulses to India under that annual quota.
Myanmar yearly produces approximately 400,000 tonnes of black grams and about 50,000 tonnes of pigeon peas. Myanmar is the top producer of the black gram that is primarily demanded by India, while pigeon peas, green grams and chickpeas are cultivated in Australia and African countries besides Myanmar. — NN/EM

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