Prices of halved chickpeas surge sharply

Halved chickpeas (far left), along with other beans, are seen being sold at the beans and pulses market.

The Yangon beans and pulses market has witnessed a sharp rise in the prices of black grams and pigeon peas, and the same trend is observed for halved chickpeas, which are widely consumed domestically.
The wholesale price of halved chickpeas reached a staggering range of K6,000–K6,200 per viss in the Yangon market on 13 June 2023. Similarly, in the Mandalay market, Taiwan halved chickpeas are priced at K6,400 per viss, while 929 type chickpeas cost K6,350, and V2 type chickpeas are valued at K5,900.
Comparing the wholesale prices per viss of chickpeas on June 13 across several years reveals a significant increase. In 2022, the prices ranged from K3,200 to K3,350, while in 2021 they were K2,200–K2,250. In 2020, the prices were K1,650–K1,750, followed by K1,900–K1,925 in 2019, K2,185 in 2018, K2,250 in 2017, and K2,500–K2,600 in 2016. In 2015, the price stood at K1,560, while it was K980 in 2014, K1,170 in 2013, K1,280 in 2012, and K960 in 2011. Consequently, the current price of chickpeas, similar to pigeon peas, reached an all-time high on 13 June 2023, in the history of the bean market.
Green peas have also experienced a significant surge, with prices ranging from K6,830 to K7,670 per viss, mirroring the increase observed in halved chickpeas on the same day. The rise in prices of various pulses, including chickpeas and green peas, which are staple foods domestically, imposes a heavy burden on domestic consumers, particularly those with low incomes.
Reports suggest that consumers have witnessed a price hike in essential kitchen goods such as potatoes, halved chickpeas, and green peas, in addition to rice, edible oil, and meat in the middle of 2023. — TWA/CT

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