Prices of onion, Kyukok garlic variety rise

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Onions are seen being transported by a cart to a commodity warehouse in the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre.

The prices of onion and Kyukok garlic variety increased by K250 per viss on 15 August 2022, said U Kyaw Myint, onion and potato merchant from the Nyaungpinlay market.
On 13 August 2022, the onion price hit the highest during the corresponding period of the past three years. The current market price is more than five times of the rate recorded in the same period last year. Similarly, Kyukok garlic price on 13 August 2022 also doubled compared to the price registered in the year-ago period. Yet, the current price is 50 per cent lower than the price recorded in 2020, said Ko Thein Myint working in the Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre.
Approximately 72,000 visses of onions from various regions and states entered the Yangon market on 15 August. The wholesale opening prices at the depots moved in the range between K1,750 and K2,350 per viss of onions from Seikpyu Township and between K1,050 and K2,550 per viss of onions from Monywa Township depending on size and varieties, U Kyaw Myint said.
The prices of onions were just K1,550-2,150 for onions from Seikpyu Township and K1,700-2,300 from Monywa Township on 13 August, respectively. Therefore, the price is up by K250 per viss on 15 August 2022.
Large onions fetched K2,000 per viss on 1 August 2022, whereas the price climbed to K2,300 per viss on 13 August, showing a gap of K300 per viss.
Onions were priced at K2,250 in Seikpyu Township and K2,400 in Pakokku Township on 15 August. The onion prices were up by K400-500 in those two townships within three days. However, the Bayintnaung wholesale market sees an increase of K250 per viss within three days, said Ko Aung from the Nyaungpinlay market.
Kyukok garlic variety was priced at K3,600 in Mandalay. The wholesale price in Yangon is K3,750 owing to the transport rate of K100 per viss, said Ko Than Myint from the onion and potato depot on Yetama Street. The price of Kyukok garlic is up by K250 per viss. Meanwhile, the wholesale prices of onions produced in Aungban, Shan State remain unchanged at K2,200-3,700 per viss depending on sizes and quality. — TWA/GNLM

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