Prices of some commodities decline

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A grocery is seen near the Lanmadaw Than Market.

On 10 December 2022, the prices of onions, potatoes, palm oil and pepper fell in the Yangon market.
The price of chickpeas remained unchanged during the week. On 10 December, around 150,000 visses of new monsoon onions entered the Yangon market but prices dropped.
On 9 December, Myittha and Myingyan onion prices dropped by K200 per viss within two days.
The smallest size of onion is priced at between K800 and K1,000 per viss.
In the Mandalay market, the price of Kyukok garlic has dropped below K3,000 per viss, and in the Yangon market, the price of the garlic was K3,250 per viss on 9 December, and only K3,100 per viss on 10 December, according to a person selling garlic on Yetama Street.
It is known that a total of 10 vehicles carrying 60,000 visses of Shan potatoes entered the potato market on 10 December.
Shan potato in small A-1 size is more expensive than medium OK and S1 strains of potatoes.
On 10 December, the price of Aungban potato was set at K1,750 per viss for A1 and K1,700 for OK, K1,700 for S1 and K2,150 for S2.
The price of old Chinese potatoes is K2,100 per kilo while new Chinese potatoes are K1,450 and Bengal potatoes are K1,200 respectively.
Palm oil price also went down by K150 per viss on 10 December, when it traded at only K5,350 per viss.
The price of one tonne of red pigeon pea remained unchanged at K1,835,000 per tonne on the six days of the opening of the commodity depot this week. Pepper, which had been at a high price, has come down in price due to new arrivals.
The new Sinphyukyun pepper was priced at K28,000 per viss at the end of November, but on 10 December, the price was only K26,000 per viss. The new Panye long pepper was at K20,000 per viss at the end of November, but the price dropped to K16,000-K18,000 these days. Shan pepper was also priced at K13,000 per viss in the previous days, but now it is only K11,500 per viss.
Moehtaung peppers went from K13,000-K14,000 per viss wholesale in November to K12,500-K13,000 on 10 December. According to the pepper market, the price of Shan Saga pepper was K16,000 per viss on the previous day, but now it is only K12,500 per viss.
It is known from the market that the prices of some commodities decreased again in December, so it has become convenient for consumers. — TWA/KZL

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