Primary Health Care Centres are Needed as First-Line Health Facilities in Combatting the Threat of the Coronavirus Crisis


By Lokethar

Watched the TV Video Conference today (13-4-2029) over the MRTV chaired by the State Counsellor about measures for guarding against the Corona Virus spreading. One gets the feeling that the Community Facility Quarantine Centres now being used, may even be needed in the future for placing in quarantine local people, whether from Yangon or the Districts, who feel that they are sick and have the symptoms of the disease.
The point is who decides whether they should be confined in the Community Facility Quarantine Centre. In my opinion, as I have pointed out in one of my previous Article, we need to establish Primary Health Care Centres manned by experienced GPs and nursing staff for deciding whether a person who comes to them for consultation to carry out routine examinations to determine the nature of the illness and then either give them the necessary treatment or send them to the Public Hospitals nearest to their place of residence.
The basic though very elementary Primary Health Structure is already in existence in the major cities and even in the large villages. In the cities they are the Township Health or Daythandra Health Clinics manned by the “Township Doctor” and in the villages as basic health units manned by Health Assistants and Midwives and sometimes experienced nurses. My apologies for “Showing the King Crocodile the Waterway”.
It is time now to upgrade these facilities, into a full blown Primary Health Care Service. When over the TV it is said that in case of fever or cough or some other symptoms “to go to the nearest clinic” it’s rather difficult to find “the nearest clinic”. Of course there are “private clinics “ all over the city or towns, but they are not affordable by all. I am not complaining about the Private Clinics. In fact they are the source of health care for citizens of average income. However they might not be “willing” to send any of their patients to the “Community Facility Quarantine Centre”.
Hence it would serve the interest of Public Health, even in the long run, if the System of Primary Health Care is established with experienced doctors and nurses trained in detecting symptoms of the Corona Virus and the PPE required by them are provided by the Department of Health or donors.
With Charity to all and Malice to none.

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