Process ownership matters a lot

  • Myint Win Thein
  • A shared vision and the ownership of its process are important factors for the achievement of the vision. That is why State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi pointed out that ownership is an important term in politics and young people, who were present at the meeting with her at the beginning of the New Year, were urged to engage in the peace process of Myanmar by the State Counsellor while she said she will also meet with other people from the education and other various sectors so that she can know how they can contribute to the peace process.
    In fact, it is a term of total quality leadership and process ownership can be acquired by allowing each and every stakeholder involved in the achievement of a vision to engage in the formulation of the process after identifying the needs of customers or end users of the process. The customer or end users of the peace process are the people who are desirous of peace.
    However, the peace process of Myanmar was formulated by the previous government and ethnic armed groups, some of which were dissatisfied with the process, and customers or end users of the process, the people who are assumed to enjoy peace, were not allowed to participate in the formulation of the peace process. In fact, the new government inherited the peace process from the previous government.
    The new government is led by the National League for Democracy, which won a landslide victory in the general election in 2015, accepted the legacy of the previous government. Now, the State Counsellor is trying to hand over the peace process to the young people of Myanmar, who are important for the future of the country. The State Counsellor has pointed out that it is high time people owned the process.

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