Procrastination is the cause of loss and destruction, to coin a phrase

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Sometime in the past, a little more than two and half decades ago to be exact, city developers began to emerge in the country, especially in Yangon, with ambitious urbanization programs—urban renewal and urban sprawl. Under the situations at that time, city dwellers had to accept those buildings, knowing that they are of poor quality. To put it simply, the then so-called city-developers, that is, contractors were not certified technicians and reliable businessmen. Due to scarcity and poor quality of construction materials in those days, they used poor quality materials for building apartment buildings. Old buildings and mansions built in colonial days are still standing tall. A building’s value depends upon its longevity. Just after a few years, the above-said contract-buildings began to show their weakness. Not to mention the impact of strong earthquakes, they are tremor-prone. Now there are many people living in these dilapidated buildings in the Yangon municipal areas. Being well aware of these situations, the Yangon Region Cabinet has launched a plan to substitute these with standardized ones.
    It is impossible for these buildings to emerge overnight, but these are always under the threats of natural disasters—quakes, storms and landslides. In case something unfortunate occurs, authorities concerned will become subject to people’s blame and criticism, though the selfish contractors and ultra-opportunist staff who engaged in bribery and corruption were the major culprits. The worst thing is that people are living in these buildings, entrusting their lives to fate, without having any alternative.
    Almost everyday rumors are being fabricated and spread through social media, with a view to causing upheavals among the people. We need not argue who are master-minding these activities. So as for the public not to fall for these tricks, transparency is of greatest importance. For these evil-minded ones, all the things about health, education, labor affairs, social affairs, and even a thing of slightest importance can be used as their effective weapons, unless authorities concerned use transparency apart from matters which can harm national security. As said by Ashin Canda Dhika on the 70th anniversary of Martyrs’ Day, roots and sprouts of national enemies must be cut off. The Sayadaw said that anyone who causes evil effects to citizens is a national enemy, as is the person who hinders the progress of the country “or” the one who harms the peace and stability of the nation or its people. The roots and tendrils of such kinds of enemies must be cut off. In doing so, procrastination will lead us to being swallowed by enemies of the Nation. To sum it up, procrastination is the cause of loss and destruction, to coin a phrase, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”
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