Projects under National Plan must be in interest of the people

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  • Our country will enjoy true progress if all the projects endorsed by the National Plan are connected, supported and implemented smoothly.
    At the same time, when new projects are considered, the success and progress of past projects needs to be viewed. This will show how far the life of the people has progressed, and give planners a good indication of the potential success of future projects.
    To achieve this, cooperation is required between the central government and state/region governments.
    Peace and stability are included in the three main pillars of the project. Without peace and stability, it will be difficult to have development. All the projects must address matters that are of interest to the ministry, states and regions governments and demanded by the people in states and regions.
    When Union ministries draw up sector-wise aims, special emphasis is to be placed toward equal and all-round development of states and regions, creating opportunities for new generations and establishing an economic system that sustains development.
    Although the projects described were drawn up based on policies set by the state, current requirements of the people, long-term development required for the country and the budget, emphasis should also be placed toward unity of ethnic nationals, rule of law, stability, human resource development, conservation and protection of the environment. In addition to this, there is a need to draw up and implement programmes that are connected to financial, monetary and trade policies.
    Furthermore, the projects should aim to benefit the country and people at the moment, in the short term and for the long term. Regional and international economic development should be continuously monitored and projects that are beneficial for the country need to be conducted in a timely manner.
    The strength of past national plans are to be maintained, weaknesses reviewed and amended when the FY 2018-2019 National Plan is drawn up and implemented. Suggestions and comments made by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw need to be attended to. In addition to coordination within sectors and regions, the aspirations and desires of the people are to be included in the aim of the project.
    In addition, projects should be decided upon by how the country can sustain and develop them. It cannot be over-stressed that selection should be based on which project provides the most benefit for the country and the people. The national plan should become a plan for all nationals. It is important that the project should be for all nationals and not for a state, region or a ministry. In drawing up future projects and to implement the selected projects, emphasis should be placed towards sustained benefit for all, with balanced cooperation.
    This cannot be conducted by a single ministry, because the aims of the projects are interconnected. All are urged to think and conduct strategically in fulfilling their own, as well as the country’s requirements.
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