Promoting new digital skills of youth called key to revitalizing economy

In only a few months, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted livelihoods for millions of young people worldwide. The ILO estimates that more than one in six young people have now stopped working due to the pandemic. Education and training opportunities for youths have also been interrupted, creating long-term implications for post-COVID recovery.
Countries around the world are now increasing their investments in digital skills development to ensure that they overcome the stagnant economic situation and respond to a new future to come and create employment opportunities.
Transforming current small and medium enterprises in Myanmar into digital and technology based businesses would bring challenges to our country.
In the post COVID-19 period, understanding that digital platforms would become the basic need for the employment opportunities is very crucial.
Hence, we must invest in digital infrastructures and encourage youths to improve new skills to ensure that they can adapt to digital technology and digital platforms as quickly as possible. Only then, can they take advantage of the benefits brought by the digital revolution.
To turn this crisis into an opportunity through increasing resilience, new skills and agility of workers, learning and sharing of digital transformation experiences of other countries are crucial.
The COVID pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in industry and in daily life. Without innovation and change, businesses and enterprises will find it difficult to survive even if the pandemic ends.
As the Union Government continues to respond to the ongoing crisis, authorities, businesses, international organizations, and other stakeholders are urged to work together to ensure that youth have the skills they need to seize new employment opportunities in the post-COVID world.
To overcome challenges and recover from COVID-19, the Union Government, on its part, has sought advice from employers and employees through tripartite dialogues, relaxing restrictions and granting loans to the businesses.
To empower youths with the digital skills for new job employment opportunities,, the Union Government will work with private sector partners.
Enterprises are also urged to take necessary steps for digital transformation, and to collaborate with other stakeholders to conduct digital skills training programmes.
To gain the benefits of digital technologies, we must invest our money, time, human resources or any other resource efficiently, in a well-structured manner.



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