Proper tax collection benefits government and people

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With the government increasingly reliant on taxes collected from businesses and individuals, the Internal Revenue Department, which is responsible for assessing and collecting taxes, plays a more important role than ever.
It is important for the department to collect taxes properly since correct use of this revenue will benefit both the country and taxpayers. However, its aim should not be to merely maximize revenue but to also allow taxpayers to enjoy their legitimate entitlements such as tax exemptions for some categories of business and people of various walks of life.
It is therefore essential for the department to educate taxpayers about its procedures. In this light, it should provide training to financial officers in companies and businesses who have to withdraw tax payments from the salaries of employees and declare income and profit to the department.
In addition, the department should also occasionally provide financial officials with checklists, instructions and advice for withdrawing taxes from salaries. Although it is true that a new tax system cannot be implemented overnight, systematic steps should be taken for systematic collection of taxes in the near future.

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