Prospects for rice industry will bring back past glory

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  • The rice industry plays a key role in Myanmar’s economy. With rice exports higher than they have been in 70 years, Myanmar prospects for regaining the past glory as the world’s top rice exporter are bright.
    But we need to be farsighted in order to predict the needs of the world market.
    Most of the world has switched to organic crops, which are considered safer and healthier. We need to double our efforts to catch up with other countries because we have lagged behind in development for decades.
    Today is the time for our new generation of farmers to have the mindset that they can turn opportunities in the agricultural industry into prosperity through modernization and smart planning. Today is the time to establish a new culture in the rice industry by ensuring the integrity of farming in the next generation.
    We should take lessons from developed countries which are facing shortage of farm labourers as youths in rural areas leave their farmlands in search of jobs in the cities.
    The changes in our agricultural industry should be based on stability and greening. Our farmers have to pass on the integrity and value of farming to their children. We no longer need to look down on those working in farmlands because the agricultural sector possesses opportunities to improve our country’s economy. We should take bold steps towards the goal of an agro-based industrial country while seeing our weakness and strengths in the agricultural sector.
    Agro research, which is considered our weakness, holds the key for balanced agricultural development of the country.
    The Union government has pledged to support organic farming, giving importance to balancing growth and ecology.
    The most important part is to carry out research based on climate change and its impacts on crops.
    The time has come to take seriously the path of agricultural development that is climate-change friendly into consideration. This will foster economic growth.
    To counter climate change effects, we should find new technologies, for example, waste-to-products technology such as paddy-husk fired power plants, etc. The next generation of farmers should take a leading role in innovation in the agricultural sector. We hope to see the new generation turn the traditional farming of their ancestors into modern farming. The Union Government has pledged to support the new generation as much as it can. Businesses which are connected with the agricultural industry will not hesitate to assist them. If we work together, we will achieve success. Unity is strength.
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