Protecting environment is our obligation

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  • Environment affects humankind in all kinds of ways. It affects our surroundings and social life, impacting living and non-living things. Environment plays a vital role, as things constantly interact with each other and adapt themselves to various conditions in their surroundings.
    Since everything is part of the environment of something else, the word ‘environment’ is used to describe many things. Originally, environment used to be beneficial, but now humankind has destroyed it.
    Environment is everything that surrounds us, including all living things and natural resources that affect human survival. Humans are to take care of their environment. Otherwise, negative human activities can contribute to climate change.
    Yangon’s dump fire, which broke out on 21 April, is a grievous lesson for Yangonites, as it endangered the public health. This incident resulted from unsystematic throwing away of garbage. Similarly, people are affected by natural disasters, impacted by man-made hazards through excessive exploitation of natural resources, such as forests, land and water.
    Natural hazards have become non-traditional security challenges around the world. Myanmar has formed a central committee, six working committees and monitoring committees so as to implement environmental conservation in all sectors. Since 2016, a series of coordination meetings have been held, and 77 future work processes were set, 36 of which were successfully conducted and the remaining processes are still being implemented.
    Combating the exploitation and illegal production of natural resources is a fundamental responsibility of humankind to bring about socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. Protection of environment and safeguarding measures taken against environmental deficiencies, generated by overexploitation, and natural disasters are to be carried out as a national duty.
    Effective implementation practices are vital, once necessary laws, rules and regulations concerning natural conservation have been developed, related committees have been formed and future work processes have been set. Humankind has a unique responsibility to safeguard natural resources and create a quality life and better living conditions for future generations.
    In this regard, cooperation plays a pivotal role, not only for relevant ministries but also for every departmental office to participate in the implementation process, ensuring success of environmental conservation. The whole populace should work hand in hand, linking with international communities which aim to save our environment. The government should also cooperate with international organizations to play a coordinated, efficient and dynamic role in protecting our environment.
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