Provide safe and convenient travel, services, and food to visitors to boost tourism

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  • Myanmar is a country with an increasing number of tourists. This is not surprising, because Myanmar has many interesting and exotic places. In addition to many holy and majestic pagodas, the country is also abundant in natural beauty and wildlife. Northern Myanmar has snow-capped peaks and mountain ranges where the exotic culture of ethnic nationals can be observed. It is one of the regions in South-East Asia where some of the best historical heritage exists. The amazing site of the Bagan region is an example of this.
    The Myeik archipelago is another example. The archipelago, consisting of more than 800 pristine, unspoiled islands, is attracting the attention of nature buffs and marine-based tourism.
    Taninthayi Region also offers natural beauty and stunning scenery to visitors.
    In 2016, 2.9 million tourists visited Myanmar. In 2017, there were more than 3 million tourists entering Myanmar. About 3.5 million are estimated to visit this year.
    Worldwide, the tourism sector contributes 10 per cent of GDP value and provides 7 per cent of export value. Tourism is seen as one of the top 10 businesses in the world. Looking at the likelihood of development in tourism, job opportunities will increase in tourism and related businesses.
    Tourism-related Ministries are urged to cooperate, coordinate and work closely with a view towards development of tourism.
    For the tourism industry to develop, there is a need to set up proper plans and implement them, as well as to have the necessary funds.
    In order for tourism to be successful in the future, foreign investment, effective management, safe, modern and well-maintained hotels are needed to be developed.
    The income obtained from the tourism business is beneficial, not only for the country’s development, but to all those related to it. The tourism business is sensitive, so for there to be a regular income from it, superior conditions and surroundings are required.
    All those involved are also urged to invite more foreign investment to tourism-related infrastructures and priority investment in the development of hotels.
    According to the statement of UNWTO, the number of international travellers will reach 1.8 billion by the year 2030. The outcome of this increase is expected to increase entry of tourists into Myanmar.
    While there is a need to promote Myanmar to the world as a place of interesting places to attract tourists, there is also a need to provide convenient and good services and safe food to visitors when they visit Myanmar.
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