Public Announcement regarding COVID-19 Second Wave Prevention

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Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National-level Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19
Public Announcement regarding COVID-19 Second Wave Prevention
15th Waning of Second Waso, 1382 ME

(18 August 2020)

1. According to the news released by the World Health Organization at 9:30 pm Myanmar Standard Time on 18 August 2020, there have been about 21.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, with over 0.76 million deaths, showing a gradual increase in the number of cases and fatalities.
2. India, bordering with Myanmar, recorded 2.6 million cases and its death toll stood at 50,921, ranking third in term of cases. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has topped over 270,000 and 3,657 deaths until now. The numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are increasing in these countries day by day.
3. Myanmar has seen a downward trend of COVID-19 infection in the first wave, and this is expected to end soon. There are 376 confirmed cases, with six deaths, and 331 recoveries reported in Myanmar up to this morning. From 18 June 2020 to now, Myanmar has reported 114 cases, of which only 2 were domestic transmissions and the remaining 112 were from overseas. People have played a vital role in these successful control measures against this pandemic with their strict adherence to the rules and directives.
4. However, it is seriously to be considered that more than half (61 per cent) of positive cases in Myanmar exhibited no symptoms of this disease. A lot of possibilities exist for a severe outbreak of the second wave due to the spread of infection in the wards/villages or the public from the patients with exhibiting no symptoms. Some neighbouring countries and developed countries are struggling to contain this viral disease again, although they have announced their successful control measures against the second wave and deaths.
5. The public strictly followed fundamental rules to prevent COVID-19 in March, April and May 2020 during the upward trend in domestic transmission. Still, people have relaxed their close adherence to the directives since mid-June.
6. If the country encountered the second wave of this disease with the risk of a large and uncontrollable outbreak, then there would be a wide range of negative impacts on many sectors such as health, economy, education, employment and livelihood.
7. The second wave of COVID-19, which has grave consequences, could be prevented by the public through protective measures.
The committee, therefore, urges the public to closely abide by the following five rules and collaborate to prevent a COVID-19 second wave.
(a) Totally (totally) avoid crowds unnecessarily.
(b) Practise social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet, if possible, from other people.
(c) When going outdoors, wear face masks systematically in public spaces and gatherings.
(d) Wash hands at least 20 seconds with soap and water to kill the virus on the hands.
(e) Fully cooperate in quarantine processes for the returnees from overseas and report on illegal returnees.

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