Public Announcement for remonstration

UECPeople Life for Development Party that had been allowed to set up as a political party headquartered at No. 23, first floor, at the corner of U Aung Myat Street and 123th Street, Golden View Tower in Mingalartaungnyunt Township, Yangon Region, has submitted its application for the registration as a political party to the Union Election Commission on 16 November 2017, along with the following party’s name, flag and emblem.
In their application they mention that they will use the name, the flag and the emblem as described hereunder.
In accord with Section 14 (d) of the Political Parties Registration Rules, it is hereby announced that those who want to remonstrate with the UEC about the party’s name, flag and emblem may submit a complaint along with the supporting evidence within seven days starting from issuance of this announcement. — Union Election Commission

Flag of People Life for Development Party,
Emblem of People

people life



Life for Development Party

people life logo


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