Public attitude to politics changes over time

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Politics has a tendency to move in cycles, with some more vicious than others. Despite this, there is truth in the assumption that good governance is impossible without good leadership.
With the passage of time, the public attitude to politics has changed. People will no longer place their trust in candidates who are generous with election promises. Nobody is stupid enough to believe twice in empty promises. This propels them to concentrate on more forward-looking alternatives. It would be totally wrong if they thought that the coming general election would be equal in scale to that of five years ago.
In the digital age, almost everything we want or need to know is just a few clicks away from us. In addition, social media has become not only an essential tool to satisfy people’s thirst for information but also a channel to witness unfiltered outrage at social injustice.
The 2015 election, which is set for 8 November, will signal a potentially momentous shift in the history of our country. No matter what, it certainly looks that a party that can take a tough line against self-seekers and strike the balance between citizens and state is fit to run the country.

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