Public information released not to believe fake and false news on social networks

CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist organizations, extremist NLD members and followers post statuses on fake and false news and rumours on the social networks in addition to instigation and incitements with attempts to deteriorate the peace and stability of the State and rule of law. Moreover, they themselves commit terror acts and incite others to do so.
Whenever an event happened in the country, the media banned by the government for their acts not in line with the press media ethics based in foreign countries exaggerate and distribute the false news with the aim of causing the public panic. As some foreign broadcasting stations disseminate such kind of news again, some diplomatic societies one-sidedly released the statements based on such false news without seeking approvals from the government and relevant departments.
Among the fake and false news spreading on the socal networks, some false news spread that the outbreak of fire in Kinma Village of Pauk Township in Magway Region on 15 June was triggered by security forces. In reality, NLD supporters and anti-government persons from Kinma Village accused U Kyaw Htay from Kinma Village, who does not support the terrorist acts, of informer and set fire to his house. So, the outbreak of fire destroyed some 100 houses in the village. Security forces rushed to the scene and extinguished the fire. They salvaged Daw Khin Su, 83 and Daw Htwar Sein, 81, from the fire to the monastery as safer place.
In the event, the terrorists who set fire to the house of U Kyaw Htay sent the untrue information on the outbreak of fire to Myanmar Now news agency with the aim of covering their guilt. Such a news agency did not scrutinize the facts whether are correct or not under the press media ethics and broadcast the false news. Moreover, some terrorist supporters distribute such event attached to a video clip on the outbreak of fire from other country posted on the Tiktok, through the social networks.
Hatred and panic spread among the people who read the fabricated news. In fact, it aimed to cause instability of the country and make the people suffer unsafety of mind. That is why the information was released that the people wishing to live in peace are not to believe the fake and false news, and the people are urged to collectively perform the acts against the fabricated news. — MNA

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