Public of Labour Party (PLP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Public of Labour Party (PLP)
Public of Labour Party (PLP) Chairman U Kyaw Zin presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

I wish first to greet all the citizens of Myanmar to possess sound health and be free from all calamities.
I am Chairman U Kyaw Zin of the Public of Labour Party (PLP). Our party was formed on 8 September 2017 with permission from the Union Election Commission, and it is now three years into our journey.
Our party had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 by-elections and now in the 2020 General Election. I want first to explain the objective of our party’s formation and our policy.
The main reason for our party’s formation is to have a legal voice in the Hluttaw for united strength and to fulfil the needs and aspirations of the people. The basic policy of our party is for every citizen to have equality, full inherit rights, ensure equality before the law as stipulated in Article 347 of the Constitution, and equal legal protection.
Our party will implement appropriate systems for the executive, legislative and judiciary branches that are suitable for our nation. If we were to copy the methods of other nations, then it will never be a perfect fit for our country. We need to carry out the three pillars in a balanced manner while basing upon our geography and characteristics of our citizens to ensure they can live in peace and security.
Our nation has 94 official political parties and numerous ethnic parties in there as well. We will cooperate with all parties and politicians that are loyal to the country. We have pledged to put the party’s interest before our personal interest, and the interest of the nation before all of that.
We must prioritize national healthcare and education for the nation to develop. To assist national health sector, we must first emphasize the issue of illegal drugs and narcotics. Ensuring the youth are free from illicit drugs is essential. It’s not enough to simply speak about getting rid of illiteracy in the national education sector.
If we analyze our current education system, it will be disheartening to see that the majority of our citizens wave goodbye to education at the primary level. The consequence of that situation is that our country has no reason for development. That is why our party will be emphasizing national education and healthcare.
Out of the emergence of democratic governance in 2010 until the present moment, the two government administrations have been attempting to reduce poverty. But for various reasons, the individual income of all citizens has not improved as expected. It is also sad to see that our citizens who have come of age have to depend on businesses from neighbouring countries. This dependence has caused losses to the domestic workforce and significantly delays our national development.
Seventy per cent of our national population is living in rural areas and thus work in agriculture. That is why our party has decided to lead industrial development based on agriculture.
There need to be detailed policies on tax to contribute to developing living standards effectively. Income tax and other forms of taxation can disrupt the livelihood development of our people. So our party will strive to implement beneficial policies that will help the lives of taxpayers.
At the same time, the government must provide wages and necessary infrastructure relevant to present times so that civil servants and their families need not worry about their basic needs. There also need to be policies that guarantee their living standards and health when they retire. Only then will there be an administration free from corruption.
Achieving internal peace is paramount to national development. We have been locked in armed conflicts since the nation gained independence so it’s no surprise we are considerably lagging in all forms of development.
It’s time to end all hatred between ethnic groups. We must understand the wants and needs of the ethnic groups to achieve internal peace.
I understand that democracy is about following the will of the majority, but we must also pay heed to the voice of the minority. We must heed the wish for federalism of the ethnic groups, which in my understanding concerns sharing. If we share the good and bad with each other, then we might achieve internal peace.
Our party has set strong political policies and separated them into party politics and national politics. Political parties like us are carrying out national interest to develop the nation and ensure prosperity to its citizens. The Defence Services is following the Constitution to lead national politics. Political parties and the Defence Services are political brethren. Suppose we work together and negotiate our differing views to emphasize the interests of the nation and its people. In that case, it is guaranteed we will achieve the modern developed country we all wish for.
Our party will steadfastly carry out the natural laws of fairness, freedom and equality in our nation’s multiparty democratic system and increase it to carry out the interests of the country and its citizens. We pledge to follow this path and conclude our electoral speech.
I pray for all citizens of Myanmar to have their aspirations and their lives align for the better.

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