Public participation is key to lessening govt’s health burdens

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Due to some crowds celebrating the 8 November elections results without social distancing, the number of coronavirus positive cases is expected to rise next week.
Following the 8 November general elections, there were some crowds celebrating the results of the elections without following the social distancing regulations. This negligence in following the health guidelines released by the Ministry of Health and Sports could lead to a rise in the number of positive cases next week.
With the ongoing surge in coronavirus cases during the second wave of the fast-spreading virus, reaching over 71,700 cases and over 1,625 deaths yesterday, the demand for public cooperation is becoming greater day by day.
Deaths at the nation’s hospitals have shown that many patients infected with COVID-19 arrived too late when seeking care. Too often, they were only taken to hospitals after their conditions became serious, and after they received medications at home, while under their own care.
Hence, the public is urged not to be anxious about seeking help at hospitals, as hospitals are specially equipped with necessary machines and supplied with medicines to treat COVID-19 patients. Also, one person would be allowed to stay with a patient at the hospital, if a patient’s health condition is serious.
Meanwhile, we would like to remind the people that anyone violating the Health and Sports Ministry’s order which has banned the gathering of 30 or more people since 6th August, 2020 would face legal punishment, as set out in the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law.
This limitation is difficult, but it is necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus across our country.
The fight against coronavirus stands or falls on whether the people follow the health guidelines. It is the duty of good citizens to follow the directives of the health authorities.
Abiding by the COVID-19 health guidelines is a civic duty to ensure that our country successfully controls the pandemic in order to get our economy back on track to save jobs and lives.

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