Public participation key for turning Yangon into a clean and pleasant city

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  • Citizens can now cast votes in advance for the Yangon City Development Committee elections, scheduled for 31 March.
    Candidates for the YCDC are campaigning everywhere, putting up posters, and holding talks to explain how important the municipal election is.
    The YCDC elections will be held in six constituencies. Eligible voters will elect members of the YCDC, who can work in the interests of their respective townships.
    Although such an election was held in 2014, the upcoming election is being considered the first ever election held extensively in Yangon under the incumbent government.
    It has been seen that the people in Yangon are not following the YCDC election as much as the general election. The reason: people don’t understand how the election can help fulfill their needs, considering the current situation in Yangon City, and the capability of the candidates to change the city.
    Yet, in spite of this, the people of Yangon have high hopes for the candidates for making their city clean and pleasant.
    The residents of Yangon are getting increasingly concerned over the rising population in the city and its consequences. With the number of cars increasing day by day, the city’s streets, which are choked with traffic and pollution, are also becoming a cause for worry.
    Whether or not the people’s dream of a clean and pleasant city comes true depends on the cooperation of the people in implementing the YCDC’s projects and plans and the strength of the YCDC members’ desire to fulfill their wishes.
    We can overcome the current obstacles with collective strength and help from YCDC members, and realize the goal of a clean and pleasant city.
    Today, practical steps need to be taken to solve the problems of population, water supply, sewage, public transport, car parking, and garbage in Yangon.
    In spite of the challenges ahead, with good policy, governance, and systematic management everything is possible.
    To turn Yangon into a grand city, we must not just rely on the YCDC. Public participation in the election is important for the good of the city.
    For our city to be clean and pleasant, all residents need to change their mindset and make a commitment towards the goal of making Yangon the most pleasant city in the region.
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