Public trust essential to administrative backbone’s success

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Through successive political systems in Myanmar’s history, the administrative sector has been stabilizing the administrative mechanism, building the nation’s administrative system and authority, and continuously working to gain public trust. The vital pillars of the administrative sector are its personnel deployed across the states and regions.
The general administration system of a nation, usually found under its executive pillar, mainly performs the day-to-day administrative duties at the township and village levels, and thus, it is important for its staff to have the trust of the people they interact regularly with.
In accordance with the changing political system and the vision of the executive pillar, the General Administration Department was transferred from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Ministry of the Office of the Union Government on 28 December, 2018.
We believe the GAD will continue maintaining a stable administrative mechanism, while carrying out necessary reforms at the same time. The department is making transparent changes to its organizational structure and ethos and aims to visibly transform itself in 2019.
Beginning from the colonial era, the public has seen various administrative systems with their unique strengths and weaknesses working under successive governments.
The people have always wished for reliable administrative personnel who possess the skills and capabilities to effectively relay government efforts and policies to the public. We can see that the GAD is currently striving to establish itself as a public-minded institution.
For the GAD to successfully implement its reform goals, staff at the most basic level must begin to adopt a mindset of growth and accountability.
The higher levels of the administration also need to listen to the voice of the staff that interact with the people on a daily basis, and include their ideas and suggestions in the overall reforms process.
We believe that the GAD is on the right track to democratic reform and will continue maintaining its position as the administrative backbone of Myanmar, as we head towards our shared goal of establishing a democratic federal Union.

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