Pwintbyu chilli growers get great profit from high yield

Pwintbyu chilli growers
Chilli growers in Pwintbyu Township earn profit from high yield. PHOTO: KO HTEIN (NGATHAYAUK)

The residents from Pwintbyu township are growing Tharmo chilli with the use of irrigated water from Mezali Dam. The chilli plantations have a high yield, and the chilli sells well in the local market, according to the chilli growers from Than Man Yin village in Pwintbyu township.
“The residents in Than Man Yin village are engaged in agricultural business on a commercial scale with the use of water irrigated from Mezali Dam. This year, the Tharmo chilli plantations with irrigated water are earning the growers a higher profit. This Tharmo chilli is popular among the customers, and it is selling well in the local market. We have to grow the seeds for one month to move them into the nurseries. We can pick up the chilli two months later. For the first time, I have picked up the chilli of around 250-300 visses and earned around K2,400 or 2,500 per viss for early yield. The price of chilli went down recently, earning us only K1,700 per viss. The seeds of Tharmo chilli are sold for K4,500 per can in the market. Our township has a sufficient supply of irrigation water, and it is good to grow the crops. Our local planters are happy to grow the Tharmo chilli this year because it is earning them handsome profit,” said Ko Kyaw Zin Win, a local Tharmo chilli grower from Than Man Yin village in Pwintbyu township.
The local farmers from Than Man Yin village in Pwintbyu township are also growing other crops such as paddy, sesame, chickpea, green gram, butter bean and corn with irrigated water annually. Besides, the local people also cultivate chilli, long bean, arum plant and bitter gourd on a manageable scale.—Ye Win Naing (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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