Pyay property market attracts Yangon residents

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Entrance to Pyay.

In Pyay, which is one of the commercial cities in Myanmar, property transactions have increased recently, according to some local estate agents.
“There are more and more buyers in Pyay’s property market. In Pyay, land prices are lower, nearly half compared to Yangon’s. Land plot prices in Pyay’s suburban wards are lower, nearly half than that of Yangon. There are buyers from Yangon,” said an official from Lawon Ein real estate agency.
With a dense population, Pyay is a big and commercial city, making its property market develop, and there are a lot of enquiries from Yangon residents, he said.
“Pyay has a highway bus terminal, railway station, airport, university and college, and it houses government departments. Property transactions are happening in Shwedaung, Inma, Thoneze and Pyay,” he said.
Being cheaper than Yangon, it is a big city that draws Yangon dwellers to buy land to relocate or for their second homes. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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