Pyithu Hluttaw approves motion to promote sports

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The Pyithu Hluttaw approved a motion, submitted by MP Dr. U Sein Mya Aye of Dala constituency, to encourage the sports sector by adopting plans and making budget allocations, after the MPs of the Hluttaw debated the issue yesterday.
In his motion, Dr. U Sein Mya Aye urged the Union Government to promote the country’s sports sector through plans and funds as sports can help bring up the youth as a healthy and fit generation, ensure the physical and mental development of working people, help senior citizens enjoy a healthy life, and prevent use of narcotic drugs among people.
During the discussion on the motion, Lt-Col Sai Aik Hla, a Representative of the Tatmadaw, stressed the need for adopting plans and polices which can help produce diet experts as athletes need to follow a proper diet.
He suggested an incentive program for athletes at the university level, which takes sports into account for priority programs at the universities.
“Only when people are healthy can the productivity of the country be improved, and the costs for medication for illnesses caused by lack of physical exercise be reduced. Therefore, the Union Government must lay down a policy for the development of sports in the country and must enact the Myanmar National Sports Law,” said Lt-Col Sai Aik Hla.
Daw Khin Sandi of Launglon constituency and Dr. Daw Khin Soe Moe Kyi of Pyay constituency supported the motion, advising the ministries concerned to lay down effective plans and urging the Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Finance Commission, and the Pyithu Hluttaw to provide a suitable budget, when the ministries seek funds from them.
Afterwards, 12 MPs took part in the debate.
In response to the discussion, Dr. Mya Lay Sein, the Deputy Minister for Health and Sports, stressed the need for Human Capacity Building as part of efforts for producing quality trainers, as it is difficult to get professional trainers at present.
She also supported the motion and urged the Hluttaw to approve it, expressing the hope that the country would see healthy youth and citizens, when they can take physical exercises conveniently in community areas.
The Hluttaw approved the motion after seeking remarks from the MP who submitted the motion.

By Aye Aye Than (MNA)

(Translated by GNLM)

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