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Pyithu Hluttaw discuss electricity, electoral systems


U Khaing Maung Yi of Ahlon Constituency.

Pyithu Hluttaw (Lower House) convened its 24th day here Tuesday, discussing safety measures of electricity power lines and appropriate electoral system for Myanmar.
Deputy Minister for Electric Power U Maw Tha Htwe responded to the question of U Khaing Maung Yi, representative of Ahlon constituency, saying that compensations to the ministerial staff for the loss of their lives or properties caused by electricity are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of ministry and those to the public are reimbursed from the social funds.
U Maw Tha Htwe also said that the ministry is upgrading power grids by state budgets and foreign loans, while educative programmes are being carried out through pamphlets, wallpapers, billboards and talks.
The parliamentarians of Pyithu Hluttaw then discussed on the report of commission which analyzes on the emergence of appropriate electoral system for the country.
U Phyo Zeya Thaw, representative of Pobbathiri constituency, opposed to the Mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system which is mixed with the First-past-the post (FPTP) and the Proportional Representation (PR), pointing out that the MMP is dividing the basic rights of people and has some weaknesses. He also suggested that the electoral system should be amended in accordance with the wills of public.

Deputy Ministry for Electric Power U Maw Tha Htwe.

U Win Oo, representative of Yebyu constituency, supported the FPTP system in which the representative who wins the largest supporting votes will come first followed by the second and third winners who can substitute for the first representative when he or she is assigned for executive role or any other reason, causing the vacancy of respective constituency.
Regarding peace-making process, U Ye Htut Tin, representative of Pasawng constituency, urged for national unity and peace as the country is located between the two global powers.
U Phyo Min Thein also suggested the change of electoral system should be carried out not by the parliament along, but by holding referendum across the country.
U Zone Teint, representative of Chipwe constituency, said the votes of unelected representatives should be combined to favour all the ethnic people, political parties and voters to ensure national reconciliation.

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