Pyu bead necklaces popular among foreign visitors

A woman arranges Pyu bead necklaces .  Photo: Nway Nadi (Myitnge)
A woman arranges Pyu bead necklaces . Photo: Nway Nadi (Myitnge)

Pyu bead necklaces, also known as Chin beads, are selling well in Natogyi Township in Mandalay Region, with a majority of buyers being foreign travellers, according to local handicraft manufacturers.
In the domestic market, a Pyu bead necklace is currently sold for Ks10,000, whereas a large necklace consisting of 100 beads is worth Ks20,000 and a bead bracelet is valued at Ks.$5,000 per item. The Pyu bead necklace industry in Phayagyi Village in the township produces necklaces and armlets made from petrified wood. The craft-making site in the village is a tourist attraction and is usually packed with international visitors.
In the past, only handmade necklaces were sold. But now, craft makers use modern machines to produce necklaces. The production process involves cutting petrified wood using machines, drilling holes and polishing and dyeing it step-by-step.
In Mandalay, there are small-scale traditional handicraft production businesses manufacturing earthen pots, lacquerware, bamboo-based products, hand puppets and other kinds of traditional products.—Nway Nadi (Myitnge)

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