QR pass registration stops: UMFCCI


By Nyein Nyein

QR pass registration has been stopped starting from 12 October, according to the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). The UMFCCI released an announcement on 25 September saying that only the registered vehicles relating to the 27 essential businesses will be exempted from the government’s stay-home order. Thus they will be allowed to travel from one township to another in Yangon. The QR pass registration can be made online. Moreover, UMFFCCI conducted payroll processing QR pass system on 4 October to do the necessary calculations to pay the salary for the staff from the factories, workplaces, companies and other businesses under the stay-home order.
According to the Ministry of Health and Sports Order 124/2020 issued on 10 October, the CMP factories and SME businesses which have prepared enough to get grade-A regarding the COVID-19 prevention and control rules have been allowed to reopen starting from 12 October. Therefore, the QR pass registration system will be stopped.
However, those who are holding the QR pass can still use whenever they cross the townships. Besides, the Yangon region government will introduce a system that will enable the people to travel to the factories, workplaces and companies that are allowed to open in the stay home period, according to UMFCCI. (Translated by Hay Mar)


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