Railway project, Criminal Act 144 and 2nd Election Commission Amendment Law discussed at Amyotha Hluttaw

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Home Affairs Deputy Minister Major-General Aung Soe has stated that a monastery clearing in Yogo Village, Mawlamyine is to be upgraded to a train station and marked for future project plans.
Daw Nwe Nwe Aung of Mon constituency (2) raised the question of the plans for the site during the 2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 4th regular meeting yesterday.
“The 33.70 acres of land in Mon State, Mawlamyine township, Yogo Village, area (813), plot (703), which was previously approved to be used for construction of a train station and residential buildings for civil staff under the Ministry of Rail Transport, has been neglected for a long time and is approval for the plot of land to be used under Yogo Village authorisation for a sports stadium and construction of a fire engine department for storing fire fighters being considered or not,” Daw Nwe Nwe Aung said.
The Deputy Minister explained that construction of the railway station and residential buildings for railway staff and families have not begun yet due to lack of budget approval.
“Construction will begin immediately after budget approval and the railway station will be a centre point for rail transport as well a site for future projects in store and therefore the project will not be relinquished,” the deputy minister said.
U Tin Aung Htun of Magway constituency (5) raised the question of laws concerning theft in oil refineries.
“Is there any consideration for ceasing declaration of criminal act 144 in Minbu Township, Magway,” U Tin Aung asked.
Deputy Minister Major-General Aung Soe said the purpose of introducing criminal act 144 was due to requirements in the administration department in the seven areas of oil refineries starting in 1977. Even after the legislation of the criminal act, thefts have occurred on the oil pipe lines incurring losses in the national budget and livelihoods of the citizens, therefore until an alternative law is legislated criminal act 144 will continue to be in effect in Minbu District, Minbu township Mann Oil refinery and oil refineries from Tauksharpin-Kanniyay.
Dr. Zaw Lin Htut of Mon constituency (9) raised the question concerning illegal transport of cows.
“How will the Ministry of Home Affairs handle the illegal trafficking of bovines in Moekaung Vilage, Thaton township?” Dr. Zaw Lin Htut asked.
Deputy Minister Major-General Aung Soe replied that Mon State is comprised of Thaton District and Mawlamyine District and is bordered by Bago Region, Tanintharyi Region, Kayin State and is accessible by both land and sea. Those suspected of illegal trafficking of work cows and other bovines have been apprehended, resulting in eight cases with 30 perpetrators and 83 cows in 2014, 11 cases with 30 perpetrators and 30 cows and 68 buffalo in 2015 abd eight cases with 33 perpetrators and 43 cows and 56 buffalo in 2016.
To combat the illegal trafficking of bovines in Thaton, the Myanmar Police Force collaborated with Mon State Government, Pa’O Ethnic Affairs Minister, State Hluttaw Representatives from Thaton constituency (2) and commenced an investigation on 8 October 2016. The Myanmar Police force is also working with administrative departments to monitor and apprehend those involved in the illegal trafficking of bovines.
Afterwards, Deputy Minister Major-General Aung Soe responded to questions posed by U Pe Tin of Mon constituency (6), “Is there consideration to permit grant of land to Mon’s Mudon township’s ward (1), ward (2), ward (3) and ward (4),” U Min Naing of Sagaing constituency (12), “Will there be stipends for civil staff members working in regions under Naga Self-Administered Zone,” U Aye Min Han of Mon constituency (1), “What methods have been planned for fire prevention techniques in the national context and is there consideration to appoint/hire more members in the fire department and acquire more fire engines so as to extinguish emergency fires in a timely manner.”
Lastly, the Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker read the Pyithu Hluttaw’s amended “2nd Bill to amend the Union Election Commission Law” and verified it after acquiring approval from the Hluttaw.

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