Rainy season damage restricts buses on Kalewa-Yagyi Road


Poor road conditions have been hampering the movement of vehicles on Kalewa-Yagyi Road, a major thoroughfare for express buses, since the start of rainy season.
The road section between Metme and Kyaw villages has been damaged year after year in rainy season, forcing express buses onto Gangaw-Pontaung Ponnya Road.
Built in 2000, the 135-mile-long Kalewa-Yagyi-Monywa Road links western Sagaing Region and northern Chin State. The 23-mile-long Kalay-Kalewa road section was built as part of the India-Myanmar friendship road in 1997.
“The previous government built the Kalewa-Yagyi Road for development of Chin hill region and Kabaw plain. As the road will be connected with the ASEAN Highway and Asian Highway, (the government) should place emphasis on maintenance of the road,” a local resident said.–Linlet Kyel Sin

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