Raise public awareness of forest conservation in rural areas

Both forests that are systematically managed by rangers and naturally existing jungles help relieve the impacts of climate change and improve the natural environment as well as contribute to the development of the socioeconomic status of the people.
Hence, it is necessary to emphasize the improvement of the socioeconomic life of the rural people, the creation of good environment nature in order to support the stability of the natural environment, and raising public awareness to participate in environmental conservation including nurturing and protecting the forests.
Officials engaging in the profession of the forest should give educative talks about the advantages of conserving the forests to the people and urge them to follow prescribed policies, laws, bylaws and directives related to forests, understand the opportunities to be taken from the forests, dos and don’ts related to forest plantations and the important role of forest resources to be systematically utilized for the sake of the nation.
On the other hand, forest authorities need to strictly abide by the prescribed rules on the extraction of timbers from the Myanmar forests. Actually, Myanmar’s forest volume never runs out from Myanmar land if the authorities systematically extract timbers for its income. It is sure that if so, the existing volume of Myanmar forest area is seemed to be larger than now.
Taking the collaborative strength of the people, the forest authorities need to upgrade the Myanmar forests so as to extract valuable timbers such as teak, ironwood and other hardwood for the purpose of export while nurturing new forest plantations which may be reliable in coming some 30 years for new generations.
Currently, local authorities and forest officials are joining hands in staging public awareness about the important role of forests and their advantages, while urging the rural people to establish community-owned forests and firewood plantations for their interests. Moreover, officials widen the scope of the people to nurture forests, follow forestry laws and rules, prevent illegal extraction of forest products, and use firewood-substitute fuels and efficient stoves.
In this regard, it is necessary to choose the prioritized areas for public participation in the forest nurturing measures. In addition, forestry officials need to use the necessary equipment in raising public awareness of forestry affairs to have effective educative results and catch the attention of the people in forestry affairs.
Currently, the government is placing an emphasis on the improvement of the socioeconomic life of the people both in rural and urban areas. In so doing, it is necessary to carry out forest and forestry conservation on a wider scale through public awareness campaigns for contributing to rural development and poverty alleviation.


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