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Rakhine State govt emphasizes freshwater fish farming for exporting products to Bangladesh market

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Fishery products are exported to Bangladesh through the Maungdaw border.

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The Rakhine State government is working with the state Fisheries Department to develop the regional marine sector. The state also achieves a proper freshwater export market in Bangladesh and the government provide techniques and capital for the freshwater fish farming sector.
Rakhine State Economic Affairs Minister U San Shwe Maung met with local livestock farming business persons on 15 June and discussed plans to support techniques for freshwater fish, prawn and soft-shell crab businesses and to organize fishery associations to grant loans.
The two border camps of Rakhine State export Rohu, Snapper, Black Pomfret, Ilish, Lobster, various dried fish, saltwater fish/prawn, mud crab, soft-shell crab and clams.
“We arrange to adapt Mangrove Friendly Farming System for crab/prawn farming. We estimate implementing a two-year project for 1,000 acres. There are about 500 freshwater fish farming lakes in Rakhine State and a freshwater fish farming market in Bangladesh, so we mainly focus on the freshwater fish farming sector. A new fish hatchery is constructed in Minbya township using the state budget. We will start the hatching operation in the coming season. We also arrange to develop a farming zone on 1,000 acres of land near the hatchery,” said U Thet Oo, Director of the Rakhine State Fisheries Department.
The Maungtaw and Sittway border camps of Rakhine State earned $13.387 million by exporting 1,136.97 tonnes of marine products in the 2021-2022 mini-budget period and $13.378 million by exporting 2,711.80 tonnes of products until 11 June of the 2022-2023FY. — Nyein Thu

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