Rakhine State National United Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Rakhine State National United Party Chairman U Aye Kyaing presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 10 September.


I would like to greet you by explaining why we formed our party. Before we were permitted to establish this party in 2010, we made a discussion with some representatives from five townships in the Rakhine State. At that time, there was no Rakhine party formed by Rakhine people, so we decided that there should be a Rakhine political party to represent Rakhine State, and that’s why we established this party for the benefits of Rakhine people and the country.
I am Rakhine State National Unity Party Chairperson U Aye Kyaing. Representing the Rakhine State, our party was formed in 2010 with party registration number 8. Our party’s emblem is a cross of two branches of Bulbophyllum Auricomum (Thazin) flower. A nature of Bulbophyllum Auricomum (Thazin) flower is that it cannot blossom under a shaded area; it grows and flourishes on high branches of tall trees. And the flower enjoys a place of honour in Rakhine. Our party will never submit to other organizations. We, alongside all Rakhine people, will cooperatively resolve the issues related to the Rakhine State, based on the desires of the people and real situations.
Party’s Flag – In the left section of the flag, there is a white triangle which consists of a symbol of a coin of the Rakhine State. The white colour is symbolic of purity. The red band in the upper section of the flag is symbolic of bravery, and the blue band in the lower section of the flag is symbolic of unity. The four white stars in the middle of the flag represent the pure mind of “Lay Wady” residents and equality between them.
Party’s Slogan – Vote for “two branches of Thazin flower” party to fulfil people’s wishes.
Our party was established in 2010 to represent the Rakhine State. It was founded since 2010, so local and foreign government organizations, other organizations, and other political parties might offer us financial opportunities. Still, by the metaphor of Bulbophyllum Auricomum (Thazin) flower, we prove our loyalty to the people by not focusing on self-interests, by not violating ethics, and by not allowing any other organization to influence us, and by being self-reliant.
Now, following the party’s policy and the multiparty democratic system, we believe that we can work cooperatively for the benefits of the citizens and national interests. Between the government and political parties, we can give constructive suggestions to each other. By holding that belief, we are waging our electoral campaign, so we would like to urge those who want to work with integrity for the Rakhine State to cooperate with the Rakhine State National Unity Party, whose emblem is two branches of Bulbophyllum Auricomum (Thazin) flower.

Our party’s objective, belief and policy

Our party’s aim is: to transform from one-party system dictatorship into multiparty federal democracy ruled by the civilian government, to use the market-oriented system under the transparent leadership of a democratic government, and to create more mature social lives and systematic society as soon as possible.

Party’s Direction

The 2008 constitution cannot guarantee 100 per cent democracy that we want. Elected MPs, who represent the citizens, need to amend the parts of 2008 Constitution that should be amended, and all stakeholders need to exert efforts to ensure autonomy, multiparty federal democratic system, and equal development in all areas.

Party’s Policy

Our policy is to work hard for development in multiple sectors in the area. Development needs unity. We will cooperate with the residents and other political parties to fulfil the needs of the residents. We will work together for the same objectives, and if there are different opinions between us, we will continue negotiations. We will work unitedly for sustainable development.
We will exert efforts so that Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, the government, Tatmadaw, all official political parties, all ethnic armed organizations, the general public, specialists and academics can take part in all-inclusive efforts to have a constitution that will be based on a multiparty democratic federal system that people in all regions and states including Rakhine State want.
In the meantime, under the multiparty democracy system, we sometimes form temporary coalitions comprising, for example, 14 official political parties, 18 parties or 32 parties to suggest and criticize the current government and to issue statements, if we see the government making things that can harm the areas and the country.
To have equal development in all regions and states, by making necessary changes to the constitution as said before, we can exert efforts for the development of the Rakhine State by using a system by which natural resources of the Rakhine State can be shared appropriately with the Union government.
We will help a lot of migrant Rakhine workers in foreign countries to come back to home, and create plenty of job opportunities. We will cooperate with foreign and local business persons to establish industrial zones.
In the constitution of our political party, we have published our policies on social matters, politics, economics, peasants’ matters, education, workers’ matters, health care and other issues. Now, the presentation time is limited so that I will talk about the policies in brief.
Our party will make great efforts to achieve signs of progress in healthcare, education, peasants’ matters, and workers’ matters.
Regarding matters related to immigration, we will try to prevent illegal entry from neighbouring countries to our country effectively. We will exert accurate and effective efforts for processes for granting citizenship, withdrawal from citizenship, and conducting the census.
Dear people of Rakhine State, Rakhine people are honest and frank. I would like to urge you to observe and think practically without blind and unreasonable belief to avoid some people taking unfair advantage of our honesty and frankness.

Single-party system vs Multiparty system

This party encourages a multiparty system. We will cooperate and make discussions with other parties to resolve various problems and issues. We will transparently disclose our political and social activities as a collaborative effort.
In conclusion, I would like to say that in the 2020 General Elections, the citizens must elect the representatives, who will have to take responsibility for ‘Three State Powers’. So, I would like to urge the citizens to wisely vote for those whose actions are in line with their pledges and those who will work hard for the citizens. I wish you all the best.


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