Rakhine Traditional Shite-Thaunghmyaut or sand pagoda festival to be held

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People participate in the sand pagoda festival held annually. Photo: Myanmar Digital News

Rakhine traditional Shite-Thaunghmyaut or sand pagoda festival was held many years ago. So, the traditional festival is held in order to preserve the traditional culture. The Rakhine Cultural Association has held the Shite-Thaunghmyaut festival annually.
“The festival is held as a memorial to the ancient Rakhine Kings. People that attended the auspicious event made donations during the festival. The Rakhine traditional Shite-thaunghmyaut festival will be held in a stately style” said the chairman of Rakhine Culture Association U Kyaw Zan Maung.
The Shite-Thaunghmyaut festival is one of the famous festivals that occur in Tabaung. The festival is held on the full Moon Day of Tabaung. The water level in the rivers and streams goes down so islands of sand emerge from beneath the water. So the sand pagodas on the broad sand banks along the river are built. The sand pagodas are washed away when the tide is high.


Myanmar Digital News

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