Ramanya, home of Mon endowed with features of high potential ecotourism

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The bridge is under construction over the Thanlwin River, with the use of modern technology. Photo: MNA

A small stupa, atop a huge golden rock taking a shape of a human head precariously balanced on a slanting surface of the rock cliff and widely known as Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is the distinct religious place of Mon State.
The stance of the golden rock (rock pasted with many layers of gold leaf) gives the charm and magic to the visitors as it seems incredibly perched on the cliff. The charm of the golden rock, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is compounded by the scenic view of the area with lush green tree clad mountain ranges interspersed with the misty valleys between them. That is why it becomes one of the most attracted tourist spots of Myanmar.
All The Tiredness Abate And Disappear
Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda located on the mountain at an altitude of 3600 ft. in an almost pristine place with all the natural beauties is situated near Kyaikto town of Mon State.
Mon State having the area 4748 sqml.and many islands and islets along its coast is located in the south-eastern part of Myanmar and bounded by Kayin State, Bago Region, Mottama Gulf, Tanintharyi Region and Thailand.
Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, Kyaik Thanlan Zedi, U Zina Zedi, Kyaik Thoke Zedi, Kyaikhami Yele Pagoda, Setse Beach and Balu Island are the significant places to visit. Pha Auk Tawya Monastry is also a well-known place for meditation where both local people and foreigners come to practice meditation. Win Sein Tawya Reclining Buddha is also a place frequented by local and foreign pilgrims.
Mon State has all modes of transportation and is easily accessible to every parts of the country. Besides, it is found to have good trading as the flow of commodities is smooth and regular. There are many remarkable progress during one year period of the incumbent government.
The project of building  a bridge across Thanlwin River from Mupon of Mawlamyaing to Kanyaw village of Chaungzone having total length 5203.4 ft. has seen 90% completion.
Launching System
The new engineering technology that dictates fixing the spans of Steel Box Girder by Launching System is first used in Myanmar in building this bridge. The bridge after being commissioned will facilitate the transportation and consequently will bring the better socio-economic condition.
“87% of the project has now been finished using allotted fund 60957 million kyats. When the bridge is finished, people can travel to every part of Mon State by road and there will be more progress in the state” said Dr. Aye Zan, Chief Minister of Mon State Government.
Road Department of Mon State could have finished 1 over-180 ft. bridge and 75 under-180 ft. bridges with Mon State budget allotment. Moreover, paving AC layers on old road, widening the roads from 12 ft. to 18ft. and 24ft. and upgrading the roads and bridges were also carried out.
Day Trip
Part of Yangoon – Myeik road between Sittaung and Mottama of Thaton District, Mon State was expanded in width from 2 lane road to 4 lane road having 48 ft. and it is now being paved by AC layers. Now, people can make a day trip from Mawlamyaing to Mesok  of Thailand by road.
In agricultural sector of Mon State, Irrigation and Water Management Department carried out 43 works dredging creeks and drains to prevent floods, 14 works of building, maintaining and repairing of embankments that deter the intrusion of salt water, 9 works of building and maintaining the weirs and sluice-gates, 28 works of maintaining the dams and canals and 8 works of blocking the creeks for summer paddy plantation.
Slew of Benefits
Mechanized farming Department of Mon State has brought out the land 625 acres for mechanized farming in the townships of Chaungzon, Thaton and Bilin using the 100 million kyats State Fund in 2016-17 financial year.
As the stability in electricity supply is essential for the economic progress, Mon State Electricity Supply Enterprise could extend , 47.58 miles of 11 KV cable line, 36.64 miles of 0.4 KV line, 29 sub-stations of 100 KVA, 18 sub-stations of 160 KVA and 28 sub-stations of 200 KVA.
77 high school buildings, 30 buildings for pre-school, 1 building for State Education Officer’s office, school buildings costing under 50 lakhs, under 100 lakhs and over 100 lakhs, repairing, fencing, building retaining wall of Type-C school building, total works amounting to 667 were carried out during one year ruling of the present government.
More Appointments
2381 pairs of low bench type for primary classes, 1245 pairs of high bench for middle and high level classes were provided. Moreover, distributing fund to the schools according to the Funding Decentralization Program, granting more stipends to the students by the Union Government in cooperation with World Bank grant the stipends to students aiming at securing more schooling opportunities and stabilizing the schooling term. Upgrading the schools (eg. from sub-high school to full-fledge high school), appointing more teachers, building 1 one-storied housing  each in Bilin, Kyaikmayaw and Ye townships respectively for the staffs and finally building one-storied library in Ye townships were also accomplished by Mon State Government.
Office building of the Head of State Health Department and 4 number of staff apartment buildings, 3 buildings of Rural Health Department and 21 sub-departments building and distribution of 131 varieties of medicine to the townships were also done by the state government.
3 number of 2 storied buildings for Ye Township, 1 number of 4 storied 24 apartment building in Paung and Kyaikhto Townships, 2 storied patient ward building in Kyaikhto township and 1 hospital building at Kinpun Chaung sub-township were finished and 5 storied new patient ward at women and children hospital of Mawlamyaing is still under construction.
In the first one-year period, Mon State Development Supervisory Office built road infrastructures, water supply facilities, schools and its district office equipped with solar panels.
In rural  areas of the State, 45 roads, 59 bridges and 110 water supply projects are under construction currently while the emerald green project is being implemented in 35 villages with the investment more than K1 billion.
In the 2016-2017 Fiscal year, 88 road projects, 56 bridges, 43 education projects, two health projects, 86 water  supply projects and five electrification projects are being carried out in rural areas with the use of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw’s development fund which allots K100 million to each townships in the state.
More than K 1 billion which is in surplus of the budget the Mon State in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year would be spent on 170 development tasks in eight townships in Mon State.
Meanwhile, more than K378 million, which is 15 percent share from the country’s commercial tax collection and allocated to Mon State, has been injected into regional development tasks in 10 townships.
Free accommodation for pilgrims at Kyeikhtiyo Pagoda
Mon State Government has provide pilgrims with free accommodation at religious edifices at the Kyeikhtiyo Pagoda and arranged rooms at reasonable charges at guest houses.
Besides, to ensure road and traffic safety for pilgrims, an inspection team formed by Mon State Government has been carrying out road safety rules enforcement on the vehicles shuttling between Kyeikhtiyo Pagoda and the foot of the mountain where the pagoda is located.
Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda cable car project
A cable car service is being implemented to create easier access to the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, in Kyaikhto Town and this is one the achievements of the Mon State Government in its one-year period.
The Mon  State Government has relaxed several  rules on collecting fees at toll gates and  closed four toll gates namely Yaychaung, Kalaw, Kunkyaik and Kyotan on the Yangon-Myeik Road.
Prospects for ecotourism
With smooth transportation, safety, good climate and beautiful beaches and traditional villages in mountains, Mon State owns prospects for ecotourism.
Mon State Government has not neglected the ecotourism prospects in the state as the business can create job opportunities to the locals and development of the state.
Let’s work together with the people in Mon State for its development.

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