Rare hilsa sells for K 70000 a viss at Hpa-an market

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The sale of a rare hilsa has started at a good price of K70000 a viss, according to meat stalls at Hpa-an Myoma market.

“Hilsa sale has started in Hpa-an market. It is rare and expensive. It costs about K 70000 a viss. If cooked with tomatoes, it tastes very good,” a hilsa seller at Hpa-an market said.

In the past few days, the weather has been colder with scattered clouds in the evenings and it was the time when hilsa fish went up to the river.

“Small hilsa fish has reached Win Kyan village beyond Htone Aing village, which is seven miles from Hpa-an. They will continue to go up. When they pass through Hpa-an, many people in boats pick them up at the edge of Htaung Wi Taung. You need knowledge of nature and rivers to catch them,” said a fisherman.

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These fish are available only one month in a year and for ten days in that month. Local names of these small fishes are Nga Kyaukkat, Nga Lauk and Nga Thein Toke.

It is a kind of high reproductive rate and it is available in Rakhine in August and in Nga Wun river in the period from October to March.

Although they are very small, they could be sold at K 60000 a viss at the beginning of the previous year.

Thit Taw/ZN

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