Rare species of Myanmar roofed turtles reared at Yadanabon Gardens in Mdy

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A rare species of the Myanmar roofed turtle is being reared for the first time at the Yadanabon Zoological Gardens in the Mandalay Region, according to U Thein Min Aung, a zoo official.
There are some 100 animal species among the 1,100 animals housed in the Yadanabon Zoological Gardens, and arrangements are being made to preserve and increase the number of Myanmar roofed turtles, in accordance with wildlife rules and regulations.
The Yadanabon Zoological Gardens is the only place where such Myanmar roofed turtles can be bred and reared across the country. Currently, some 160 Myanmar roofed turtles are being bred here.
The rare Myanmar roofed turtles can be found along the Ayeyawady and Chindwin rivers. According to the research report, the Myanmar roofed turtles were found in Lin Phar village, some 20 miles away from Khamti Township. They are being reared separately at the Yadanabon Zoological Garden and Lakananda Garden.
According to Dr. Paul P Call, the research group came to Myanmar to examine the health conditions of the Myanmar roofed turtles and to find a good environment for them to survive. The Yadanabon Zoological Gardens is considered a suitable place to breed and rear the turtles. Arrangements have been made to ensure the Myanmar roofed turtles are in good health, so they can grow and survive before they are set free into the river.
According to the Wildlife Conservation Society report, some 11 kinds of Myanmar roofed turtle species, such as Myanmar soft-shell turtle, Myanmar leaf turtle, Myanmar peacock soft-shell turtle, Myanmar roofed turtle, Myanmar narrow headed soft-shell turtle, Myanmar star tortoise, Myanmar flap-shell turtle, Myanmar eye turtle, Arakan forest turtle, Myanmar black turtle and Myanmar box turtle can be found only in Myanmar.


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