Rattan and bamboo handiwork to be replaced with high-tech machines

Machine-made techniques will replace handicrafts for making rattan and bamboo, said U Kyaw Thu, the chairperson of Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association.
Efforts are being exerted for rattan and bamboo handicrafts to be listed on export strategy which helps boost production. In a bid to upgrade quality of arts product, high-tech machines work is required. The aforementioned association has given five machines in Yekyi township to facilitate splitting bamboo, said he added.
The said association will order 20 more machines and continue to give them to the places in need.
The machines are ordered from China and Malaysia. Those businessmen from Yangon, Ayeyawady and Bago regions will be favoured for those machines.
Currently, production of art products is found less and price is pretty high compared to that of other countries. We might have bigger market if we can manufacture them more at a reasonable price.
Tourists highly demand souvenirs and art products worth US$5. Viet Nam and Indonesia can offer art products with estimated value of $5 but Myanmar sells them around $20, said U Kyaw Thu. —GNLM

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