Rays of hope for peace for our country

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  • To end the decades-long armed conflict is not a simple or easy task. A step by step approach with magnanimous and farsightedness is sine qua non to end armed conflicts, which have continued since our independence in 1948. The task of carrying out three responsibilities: ending armed conflicts, internal peace and national reconciliation, is not easy or simple. But, we are committed to overcoming all the challenges ahead to achieve these goals.
    Myanmar is a complex nation, and its complexities are compounded by the fact that people expect the Union Government to overcome all of these challenges in as short a time as possible.
    A meeting for reviewing the framework for political dialogue and guidelines to proceed was held at the National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) on Shwe Li Street in Yangon from 1 to 3 November. The meeting was aimed at seeking suggestions for the framework of a political dialogue, and sending them to the UPDJC meeting for approval.
    Participants included members of government and Tatmadaw groups,  ethnic armed organizations who signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), and political parties.
    During the meeting, they discussed methods to negotiate for amending the framework of political dialogue and guidelines for the work to be done.
    Two agreements reached at the meeting are: to hold the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee-UPDJC meeting every two years and the secretariat meeting every month, and that the two agreements will be submitted to the UPDJC meeting for approval.
    The peacemaking process was carried out in the past with a bottom-up approach by holding mass meetings at grass root levels first, then national level political dialogues. The outcomes of the meetings were delivered, step by step, to the work committee and the UPDJC meeting.
    But, as of today, a way which works between the decision makers of the groups and suggestions from the bottom is to be practiced as part of the efforts for gaining hopeful outcomes for peace.
    The peace process is continuing and the UPDJC is making strenuous efforts for peace, and these efforts can be seen as rays of hope and peace for our country.
    All of us basically want peace, rather than war. We want harmony, rather than conflict. This is the aspiration shared by all our peoples: peace, stability, harmony and progress.
    This is not a large agenda, but it is a difficult one.
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